Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Wednesday!

I spent all day yesterday working on things that needed to be done, but that did nothing to contribute to any sort of order in my home. It was one of those "clear-a-path" days. I resorted to pancakes for dinner (yes, pancakes, but in my defense, they had flax meal in them, and while they were cooking we had a baby-carrot-eating contest . . . does that count for anything?).

While we're on the subject, does anybody else have children who eat baby carrots like corn on the cob (tiny rows all the way around) or grapes like apples? And strongly dislike peanut butter? Just wondering.

So once we had ingested our beta-carotene and omega 3's, I was forced to turn my attention to the house. With a vengeance. I cleaned, scrubbed, tidied, tossed, organized, and perhaps burned many calories in my exuberance?

My husband came home a couple of hours into it and sat at the table to work on some loose ends from his job. At one point, I caught him watching me. He grinned and said, "I'd like to catch whatever bug bit you and put it in a bottle!"

Me too, honeybuns, me too.

What project are you going to tackle today?


Anonymous said...

Digging out the maternity clothes. They are in the garage and that is a whole nother post.

Anonymous said...

I need to spend some serious time weeing through the kids toys. I'll probably need a truck to take haul it all off.

Megan said...
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Anonymous said...

Doing loads and loads and loads of laundry.

Anonymous said...

Visiting Teaching. How can it be an eternity between paychecks and a nanosecond between visits?

Anonymous said...

Mail a package that I was supposed to send like a month ago, buy some groceries, continue to try to clean out our big closet of stuff.

snowwhiteor said...

I need to go through all the closets, rafters, drawers and send all my kids crap back to them. I am no longer going to be the storage unit for this family!! One kids stuff we will just box up for two years.

Bet you can figure out who wrote this, huh??! No need to be anonymous!

Dave and Leslie said...
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