Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Suffer From FODIP Syndrome

Yes folks it is true and I will admit, my family suffers from Fear of Dancing In Public. I came to this realization this weekend which consisted of 4 dances! We went from never going to dances to attending 2 in one night. It started with my husband and I attending the Stake Valentines Day Dance on Friday night. We had never been to an adult one. But the conversation the previous Sunday went something like this:
Me: Let's go out Friday night
Hubby: What should we do?
Me: (Thinking for a moment then spotted the sign for the said valentines day dance) We should go to that!
Hubby: Ok

I'm amazed we both actually agreed to go. And so we went and had a great time. We danced about 3 slow songs and played a fabulous game of catch phrase (Go Girl Team!). Both hubby and I were way to nervous and intimidated to fast dance. Plus I have this terrible memory of when I was a youth and went to a stake dance and tried fast dancing. I remember afterwards thinking, "What was I doing out there?"

The next night my 12 year old attended an all girls dancing birthday party. When I dropped her up I knew she was so uncomfortable knowing that the girls were going to dance all night long. Needless to say when I picked her up she hadn't danced, said she was too tired.

Meanwhile, my hubby was chaperoning the youth dance that night and said the kids were dancing great and he wanted to learn how to dance well.

So after talking to all the kids that know how to hold a conversation, I came to the conclusion that my family has a fear of dancing in public. And public also means in front of each other. So to remedy this we started dancing in our house. Last night it was to some great 80's music, including the fabulous dance from Can't Buy Me Love. Tonight it was 90's music, think Arrested Development's Tennessee. We have had great fun! What's next? For the kids we are planning on throwing our own dance party and for the hubby and I we are planning on taking lessons with Catch Phrase buddies. Maybe I should give these a try- So beware if you happen to stop by house you might find the music turned up loud and lots of dancing and laughing going on-and you might be asked to join in!

Do you have a fear of dancing in public? How did you overcome it? Do I look silly when I try to fast dance?


Kay said...

I have NO fear of dancing in public, but my husband sometimes has a fear of ME dancing in public!!!

He loves it when I dance around the chair he's sitting in. Last dance we attended, he sat on the stage to discourage this type of behavior.

He does promise one slow dance at each dance we attend, that's something, I guess!

I often wonder how we ever found each other, we are soooo different in what we enjoy and don't enjoy! I think that might be a topic for another post though!! ;)

Mrs. B said...

One of my worst Stake Dance memories is being asked to dance to "Blame it on the Rain" (Milli Vanilli anyone?), which is neither a fast nor a slow song. My partner opted for fast . . . 3 minutes of horrifying awkwardness.

I've had many people try to teach me how to dance cha-cha or latin dances, but none of them had any success. I did ok at country and ballroom in college, but mostly because they didn't demand any hip action.

I've never seen you fast dance . . . do we get a demo??

adventures in mommyland said...

I would PAY to see that! Though I feel I got a good show watching your hula-hoop action! Thanks for stopping by today. Mason keeps asking my if his new friend can come back tomorrow. :) LOVE YA!

LCM said...

We should send Fiona over to your house. She's got moves she's not afraid to show. A nurse commented on it last time we were at the hospital while she was wearing her PJs and penguin slippers. A perfect time to bust loose. She has loosened me up quite a bit too. I have always loved dancing, though. TD does not.

Laura said...

I NEVER dance in public (or private for that matter. . .) Stake dances as a teenager were horribly painful and involved me talking to lots of chaperones. (Funny, they're the ones that I'm still friends with anyway.)

Tana said...

I like to play Stake Dance Bingo. Make up some cards before you go. The cards should say..something like...songs that are usually played at Mormon dances, see 3 girls dancing together, mother and son, or father and daughter, two singles, stuff like that. It makes the dance much more enjoyable.