Monday, November 1, 2010


Dear October,

Deer AND elk season, two soccer games per Saturday, and the long-term departure of my beloved warm weather?

Your only redeeming features are fall leaves and multiple birthday celebrations.

Is it Spring Yet?


Dear Family,

Did I really take a whole, entire shower without anybody trying to talk to me through the door? A whole shower in which I didn't have to holler that truly, honestly, I can't hear what in the world you're saying, and that if it's not blood or fire, it can wait?

Stunned, but Grateful


Dear Halloween,

I was in costume. I was a nudist on strike.



Dearest, Sweetest Automotive Seat Warmers,

Where have you been all my life? You are rising quickly to the top of my short list of things that make winter bearable.

Please Don't EVER Leave Me


Dear Kids,

Tonight when we watched videos of you from 3 years ago, you were all so young and cute, it really did hurt a little to see how fast you're growing up. And then I realized that in 3 years, the videos we shoot this year will be young and cute and a little painful, too. I wonder if you all could just stop growing up for a little while? My heart can't keep up with you.



Dear Crunchy Crab Sushi Roll,

Is it wrong that I can't stop thinking about you? And that I offered a date with you to my daughters as a reward for good grades? (They seemed a little confused by the offer. Weird.)

Report Cards Come Out This Month


Well, whaddya know? It worked! Just about 4 weeks after the last bag of baby clothes was given away, actually. The excitement around here is tangible, and the kids' anticipation might be the funnest part of all.

I Still Can't Believe It!


Toria said...

What the!?!? Congratulations. that was a little tricky to deceipher, I had to read your previous post and then re-read your letter and put it all together!!! I am THRILLED for you!!!
So exciting!
(and have to admit a part of me is so hoping I'm picking up what you were putting down and not jumping to (very clear) conclusions!
love to all!

Toria said...

oh and fyi decipher is spelled without the 'e'. I had to look it up because it was bugging me.

bestgrandkidsever said...

Toria, you need to go to the Hassell blog and see how she announced it to her kids (and then the rest of us). Priceless!

families are forever said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! This baby maybe a girl who was just waiting for you to get rid of the old clothes, so she'd be wearing new and styling clothes. katie and I will have to do some shopping. smile

Mrs. B said...

Toria - Thanks! It's so crazy! I still think your spaghetti sauce announcement was classic! (I'd have had to look that word up, too.)

daniellef said...

Woa Woa Woa! Ok, I was lame and didn't catch on until I went to make a comment about how cute these little letters were to different things...but then I saw all the "congratulations" comments and went back confused and then reread that last "dear" letter, and when I put two and two together I got WOW!!! That's awesome!!! So so awesome!!! Yay!!! Congrats!

Mandi said...

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am still disappointed that you did not make it out to UT this last month.


What does this have to do with this post?

Nothing. Sorry. Although I did love the post.