Saturday, March 15, 2008

October-No Hiding

My new favorite thing is to play raquetball. My gym has 5 great courts to play on. There are three that are no one can see into except if they were to go upstairs and pier over a ledge, people really tend to just walk by and not look over. However, there are two courts that have glass fronts and just about everyone that walks through the gym walks by these courts for everyone to see. Now, I started playing raquetball for the first time in October, I had never played before plus I'm starting to realize I'm very self conscious about my body. So when I ran into a friend at the gym in October and she said she wanted to play raquetball with me I was very excited, for something new aerobic to do and because I had a friend that wanted to do something with me! So that first day I showed up to play raquetball she had reserved the dreaded court, number 1, the court that everyone looks at when they walk into the gym. I was a nervous wreck that first time, everyone watching me in my glory as I lost to my friend. But being the year of no fear I continued to play on that court instead of asking my friend to switch courts. And to be honest it's kind of my favorite court now. I'm starting to see the benefits of having a year with no fear.