Friday, May 21, 2010

Movin' right along, footloose and fancy free . . .

A few things that I struggle with:

1. Long-distance road trips. (I'm always afraid I'll die.)
2. Long-distance road trips without my kids. (I'm always afraid I'll leave them motherless.)
3. Long-distance road trips alone. (All of the above, but I'll be asleep at the wheel when it happens.)

You guessed it: A solo trip to Utah was in order, something I had NEVER EVER done, and I was pretty sure I was going to die alone somewhere in Nevada. (Who said anything about being rational?)

So sure, in fact, that I cleaned my ENTIRE house and took my family out to dinner the night before I left.

Some snippets from dinner:
Kids: WOW! What is that flashy buzzy pager thingy?
Kids: Um, are we supposed to follow that guy?
Kids: What? We can CHOOSE our food off of this BIG paper folder gizmo?
Mr. B: Hey hon, when's the last time we took the kids to a real restaurant?
Me: Hmm . . . um . . . WHOA. Yeah, about five years ago.

Me: You know, since I'm going to be driving alone with sketchy cell service, maybe I'd better take your handgun with me. (I know, I'm so edgy.)
Mr. B: I've never, ever been as attracted to you as I am right now.

Me: So all the bills are paid and everything is clean, but I didn't get around to cleaning our shower.
Mr. B: Sounds good.
Me: So if I die on the road, will you clean our shower before the Relief Society shows up?
Mr. B: Uh, no.
Me: What? But if I'm dead, I don't want anyone to see our shower!
Mr. B: Oh ok. You mean, like . . . "Oh man, Mrs. B's dead. I'd better go clean the shower."
Me: Exactly!
Mr. B: Yeah. No.

For the record, he DID clean the shower while I was gone. And I wasn't even dead! Also for the record, Mr. B is AWESOME about taking over when I leave town. He doesn't complain a bit, which would be highly insulting (or perhaps suspicious) if he wasn't so happy to see me when I come back home. I'm also very grateful to wonderful friends who took my 4yo during the days.

And, as is generally the case with these YONF-ish things, I LOVED that drive! The sweeping vistas! The uninterrupted thoughts! The conference talks! The belting-out of my geeky playlists! The record-time pit stops!

I don't know when I've ever spent 13 hours totally alone, but it was a treat. I had NO idea how much I would enjoy it. (That sounds like an ego gone wrong, but you get what I mean, right?)

Two brownie points to anyone who can tell me where this picture was taken (Put your hand down, K2, I know you know!):

So I got to spend a delightful week with these two beauties . . .
. . . and their lovely, amazing mother. She makes mothering newborns and toddlers look like a BREEZE! It's also possible that a sweet little 2yo had her "Aunt Meena" wrapped around her finger from the moment I arrived. (I miss you guys!)

I took advantage of one quiet night to go meet some friends. This was also a little scary for me, because I had never met any of them in real life before! Not scary in a they-could-be-mass-murderers sort of way (although I suppose they could have been, being internet friends and all), but in a don't-be-a-goofus-don't-be-a-goofus (name that movie) sort of way.

Lucky for me, not one of these ladies was homicidal, and they were all every bit as lovely in real life as online. It was such a fun night out enjoying good food, excellent company, and many funny stories.

For the love, can't I just look decent in a picture for once?

And THEN I got to drive my big sister and my little brother all over SLC, which was like a very fun mini family reunion on wheels. In fact, over the course of my trip, I got to see four of my siblings, which makes for a pretty good week in and of itself.

Did I ever mention that I'm no good at ending posts?