Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh

The rules of the Year of No Fear go like this:

  1. If a new opportunity is offered, it has to be tried out. Just once.
  2. Rule #1 may be broken if it poses a threat to safety, sanity, finances, or marital harmony. It can also be reconsidered if one's neighbor-in-law declares it more dangerous than driving Hwy 140. *wink*
  3. Rule #2 does not apply to *irrationalizations such as a fear of public embarrassment. Clearly.
  4. *I just made that word up. Google says otherwise, but and back me up. (What nerd? Where?)
  5. If Rule #1 is carried out with unsatisfactory results, the aforementioned opportunity may be freely rejected at all subsequent offerings.
I am hereby Rule #5-ing cold-weather camping.

Had a great time. Not doing it in 40 degrees again.

But on to the good times!

Looky! My whole family held still for a picture? Would you like an 8x10, Mom?

Hee hee!

Oh my stars, he posed for ANOTHER snapshot! Note to self: get a large, dead fish for the next family picture.

I may have done just a leetle bit of fretting grumbling doomsaying voicing my concerns about the forecast for rain before we left. Mr. B pretty much ignored me until we were on the road, and then assured me that I would be "the dryest, happiest wife that ever went camping," and to leave it to him. So I did. And he was right! Check out our campsite!

The girls LOVED scaling the fish!

Ok, one of them did.

(And THANK YOU, Mr. B, for not Rule #1-ing me on the whole fish-cleaning process!)

The nights were just cold. And yes, I thought sadly of pioneer mothers and children, and said many prayers of thanks for sleeping bags and blankets and hats. And woke up every 30 minutes to make sure this guy was still under blankets:

Thank you, US Air Force and military-issue sleeping bags:

Perk of camping: it's totally OK to look like this:

Mrs. F, we LOVED the cresent-rolls-on-sausages-on-a-stick breakfast! Thanks for the yummy idea!

Also, props to Mrs. G and Mrs. R for the hip new s'mores idea! Even the skeptics loved them:

Another perk of camping: Undying love for home, sweet home, and children who are too tired to fight bedtime. Or intrusive feet.