Monday, November 14, 2011

12 easy steps to whatever

1. Browse Pinterest while feeding the baby. Say "hmmm" a lot.  Wonder if you should have a board titled, "STOP.  JUST STOP." for some of the crazy, crazy stuff on there.  Find some promising ideas for spice storage.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

2. Get all excited when you see this all over Pinterest:

. . . because HOLY COW one of your very favorite people did that!  Sweet!

3. Become mildly unhappy with your current spice situation.

4. Collect various empty jars. And a baby spoon.  And an avocado, apparently.

5. Print names of spices to punch out.  Break your circle punch.  Remind yourself that trying to punch three layers of cardstock was a bad idea.  Realize that your sisters are going to mock you for having a circle punch, even the sister that secretly owns about 45 more punches than you do.

6. Try to cut circles with scissors. FAIL. Go with squares.

7. Ask yourself WHO CARES what your spices look like.  YOU no longer care.

8. Oops - forgot poppy seeds.  Write it yourself.  In dull pencil.  Because heck if  you're going to walk into the next room to find a pen.

9. Pause production to take care of your cute baby.

10. Give the stink-eye to the teenager who waited until Sunday night to do her homework.

11. Run out of glass jars.  Ask yourself if you care.  (You don't.)

12.  Meh, good enough.  Pin THAT, I say.