Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I'm walkin' on sunshine, cuz the taxes are DONE DONE DONE, and it only took the last few hours of yesterday and the first half of today! Yippee!!

Had to share a couple of good ideas I've had lately. (I should write a post about all the BAD ideas, too!)

Daughter #3 (if I gave her a blog name, it would be "Pepper") is in the first grade, and really, really doesn't like practicing her spelling words. Torture for all involved. In a flash of inspiration (born of an idea sent to me by my sister long ago - can't find the link now), I poured some salt into a pan, and let her write her words in the salt.

Holy cow, if kids gave out Nobel Prizes, I'd have gotten one that evening. Who knew they'd be so enthralled?

A couple of days later, I was taxiing Pepper and some friends to our house, and I heard the following from the back seat:

"Just WAIT until you get to my house and see what my mom made!!"

(I may or may not have had a self-satisfied thought or two about the time put into homemade Christmas gifts this year, and maybe I wondered which one she was going to show off to her friends.)

And then . . . .

"It's SALT in a PAN and you can WRITE in it!!"

Ah, well. Good enough.

The following week, this idea hit:

Spelling words in dry erase marker on the counter. The kids were all a little skittish about this one . . . every one of them eying me like it was some dirty trick and I was about to start hollering and ground them all. Ouch. But after some encouragement, they busted out enough counter graffiti to put the local gangstas to shame. (95% of it erases, and the magic eraser takes care of the rest.)

And speaking of the counter, I am a big fan of having a bar in the kitchen for many, many reasons, but the kids just CAN'T resist climbing onto it. And then falling off of it. And then climbing back up. All the while, I'm begging them to STAY OFF, and I think I've developed a facial twitch every time I say it.

This idea occurred to me early on, but it seemed a little mean:

If only I had known it would train them to remain at safe elevations in a matter of a day and a half! (Set to stream, not mist.) Score one for the mother! (I have to take what I can get.)

Anybody else have some good ideas to share? (I've hit my quota now for quite some time to come.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Word of the Year

I have a friend from college that picks a word/goal for the year instead of resolutions. I've been thinking about what I want my word to be and I have decided. Are you ready? Prepare!

My goals for the year are:

  • Prepare better to serve my family meals.

  • Prepare each night for an easier morning. Clean up the house at night to wake up to a clean sink and a clean floor.

  • Prepare to some day move. No I'm not making an annoucement. We are NOT moving. However, we have 7 people in a 1400 square foot house. If you do the math you realize we can't live here forever. So this involves me cleaning out my closet and the garage. Getting rid of stuff so when we do someday move I will be more prepared for it.

  • Prepare my van so that when I go out of town I don't have to spend forever cleaning it to prepare for our trip.

  • Prepare my body to be stronger and healthier so I don't get sick as often.

Does anyone else have a good suggestion of what I can prepare? Or what their word for the year might be?

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dear Next-oldest Sister,

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Love, your next-youngest sister.


Dear J-Dub,

As a general rule, I detest grocery shopping. THANK YOU for unexpectedly dropping off milk, and saving me a trip!!

Love, Your Calcium-Fortified Friend


Dear Yonf & Mrs. H,

As an exception to the rule, impromptu late-night grocery runs with friends are delightful. Next time we'll get there in time to watch law enforcement do their thing. And I won't forget the milk. And let's call J-Dub, too.

Love, Mrs. B


Dear Bra,

I've kept quiet about you on Facebook, not because I care much either way, but because quite frankly, you're boring. And all the clever responses have been taken.

Thanks for the support, Mrs. B (hmm . . . ironic)


Dear Family,

I hereby request notice next time unexpected company arrives (particularly of the adult male variety) while I'm in the shower, preferably BEFORE I lean my towel-wrapped self out my bedroom door (which happens to be a straight shot from the living room couch) to holler at you.

Love, Grateful for the Towel


Dear Home-Care Supply People,

Like I said, we're done with the hospital bed. Really. Remember how it's in my living room? In place of the OTHER living room couch - not to be confused with the first couch that unexpected company sits on - that is crammed into my bedroom? (What do you mean, I usually put surplus upholstered furniture on the back porch? Who told you that?)

Seriously. Come pick it up. Or I'll turn the kids loose on it.

Love, Please?


Dear Owner of the Large Pickup Truck with Chromed Anatomical Embellishment Hanging from your Tow Hitch,

Methinks the message we're all getting is not the message you think you're sending.

From, Eyes Averted for the Two Miles I had to Follow You.


Dear Muscles,

If I apologize for the relentless abuse you've been subjected to this week, will you let me walk normally again? I DID give you December off, after all.

Love, Ouch


Dear Horses,

I went to a party last month, where we all threw random topics into a hat, and then had to expound on one randomly drawn topic for 2 minutes without saying "Um", "Uh", or pausing. I drew you, horses, and although I was most definitely inclined to say, "UH, UM, PAUSE. I'm outta here," (a la Brian Regan) I took the YONF and successfully discussed you for 2 minutes.

Love, Never Seen Flicka


Dear Person who attended the same party, called your own pager and made a hasty exit right before your own turn, then came back and got harassed into taking a turn anyway, and pulled "Nuclear Physics" from the hat,

I put that one in. Sorry.

From, I Don't Know Anything About it Either

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monthly Grocery Budget

I saw a tv show today where they were showing the way that coupons work and how you can feed your family of 4 for $50 a week. I started wondering if my budget was way off for my family. So that is where you come in. Anonymously share how much you spend every month on groceries. I will also share anonymously so I can be a part of the fun. Also put how many people are in your family so I compare. Thanks!