Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monthly Grocery Budget

I saw a tv show today where they were showing the way that coupons work and how you can feed your family of 4 for $50 a week. I started wondering if my budget was way off for my family. So that is where you come in. Anonymously share how much you spend every month on groceries. I will also share anonymously so I can be a part of the fun. Also put how many people are in your family so I compare. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Family of 7 (2 adults, no teenagers yet -- that makes a difference!) and my budget is $600 a month, which I sometimes go over. I think you might also need to consider how often some people eat out. Their grocery budget might be lower, but they spend tons of money on restaurants. I'll be interested to see what people say -- am I a big-time spender?

Mrs. B said...

There are six of us: 2 adults, four kids 4-14, and our budget is $100 a week. In a normal month we spend maybe $40 eating out (I truly try to avoid it at all, but I tend to cave when it's a sanity saver like Costco pizza for dinner, or dessert with friends).

Our weekly grocery budget was $50 at one time, but there were only four of us, the youngest was just starting solid food, we shopped at the Air Force Commissary, and it was eleven years of inflation ago, so I don't think it really compares.

One more thing: I used some coupons this week (thanks Jill!) to buy 20 boxes of crackers for $16, and I'll be getting a $20 rebate on them, so I can definitely see how coupons could help with a low grocery budget!

Anonymous said...

family of four (2 adults, a 4 year old who eats like an adult and a toddler) we budget $400/mo and spend about that much (sometimes a hair less, usually a bit more :)
we rarely eat out -- maybe $50 a month (for date night eating out).

LCM said...

Four of us, wayy too much milk consumption. We used to spend around $120 a week, but then I started coming up with meals for a month. I shop really big in the beginning of the month and spend around $170 and the next three weeks I only buy milk, produce, bread and yogurt for around $30. I have started saving over $200 a month! Oh and I just started really getting into coupons and I have at least $15 month in coupons alone, not to mention the sales I watch for.

Anonymous said...

7 people-we spend about $400 a month. But we probably spend about $75-$100 eating out between pizza and other meals out.

Anonymous said...

Family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids age 9 and under) We budget $500 a month and spend about that. We also eat out quite a bit but have decided to make not doing that as much a new year goal. I buy meat in bulk, get fresh veggies every other week from a local farm and buy milk and bread on sale and freeze it.

Anonymous said...

Okay this subject truly made me laugh, because of what I spent on food when my kids were home. And since you will know who this is immediately, I thought I post my comment after everyone else.

When kids were home and teenagers, I spent roughly 250 to 300 a week, that does not include going out. Which we did each Friday. We decided before our kids got to be teenagers that we wanted them at home more than at friends houses, so we knew what brought kids in was food. I made an after school snack EVERYDAY, cookies, Ricecrispy Treats, Cinnamon rolls. Quite often there would be not only five kids here, but 7 to 10. I also had an open door policy for lunch time. They could come home any day, bring any friend and eat almost any food.

We also got to know many different families by having them over for dinner almost every Sunday which also jacked up the food bill. One family was over quite often because I knew they did not have the means for quality means they could receive here.

Now we spend very little on food, because of the circumstances we are in now. We do still have a wonderful family spend every Wednesday meal with us.

So, I think it's all a matter of where you want to spend your money...we definitely spend a lot on food!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to say, there would be between 5 to 15 kids here everyday for lunch.

Like I said, it's all where you want to spend your money, that's just where we choose to spend ours.

Anonymous said...

Dear last annon. poster with the open door policy on food,

I'm pretty sure I know who you are. And I'm pretty sure I benefited from that food on NUMEROUS occassions... THANKS!

Love, one of the snotty kids your teenagers were friends with! :)

Anonymous said...

I coupon shop like crazy, like to cook and can often only spend $60 a month for five of us. Let me tell you though, that's A LOT of coupons and sale shopping and stockpiling that doesn't happen right away. Once you start though it gets easy to know what to buy at what price and how much to load up on til the next big sale.