Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When Afraid Just Do It!

At the start of the new school year, I was approached to join a preschool co-op. I was both flattered and afraid. I was flattered because someone wanted me to teach their kids. Friends never ask me to watch their kids. I don't really know why. Of course I always take it personally. Mrs. B has asked me more than any of my other friends, every time she does I jump at the chance because it's nice to know she trusts me with her most precious possession. I was afraid because I'm not a great teacher. I play well with kids but teaching them is scary. Thoughts swirled in my head-what will do for 2 hours? How will they all interact? Can I actually teach them something? What will I feed them for snack time?

So instead of giving into my fear, I gave into my flattery. I've taught them twice now. There are three girls (including mine) and one boy. The first week of the co-op was hard. Their attention span was much shorter than I planned on. However, last week was my second time and it went great! I had plenty of activities that expanded their minds and they seemed to have a great time! One of my best rewards was my 2 year old has sung the nursery rhyme we worked on every day since. About the cutest thing ever!

I'm so glad I decided to just go for it. I have gained a new love for little 2 year olds. I have met someone new. My little girl has gained friends that she talks about almost every day. I have pushed past my fear to do something different and new and have loved it!

What is a fear you pushed past recently and found you liked what was on the other end? (Savannah I know what yours is! Way to go!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Wednesday!

I'm afraid my 6yo's teacher thinks she's being raised in a crack house, what with the pace at which we complete her homework, the capris worn to school in November, the terrifying rate at which my child reveals information about her home life that, while true, has been slightly skewed, and the fact that I declined to plan a Halloween Party on rather short notice.

I'm also afraid I inadvertently volunteered to plan said party at some point, but I'm afraid to ask.

I'm afraid of how BAD it would have looked had anybody seen the gigantic picture of somebody ELSE'S husband in swim trunks (on a scout trip) that spontaneously appeared in full-screen on my monitor after I unknowingly activated Picasa's screensaver one day last week.

I'm afraid our local scoutmaster needs to stop borrowing my camera for scout trips.

I'm afraid that requiring my 11yo to give up her friendly but hopelessly pungent hamster (even if it was to a very nice dad who sweetly brought her a brand new Littlest Petshop pet in return) was the coldest thing I've ever done as a mother. Even if she did inherit a unscented hamster from her older sister, and even if she had the maturity to understand and accept the situation without tears or argument.

I'm afraid the nice dad is feeding Peanut the hamster to his pet snake right now.

I'm afraid that the gigantic alien robot/vehicle monologue playing in my living room right now is less dramatic than it is laughably cheesy. So, so cheesy!

I'm afraid that 87% off Halloween clearance was more than I could resist.

I'm afraid that even though I want to write a fabulous post about some of the fantastic things that people I love dearly have accomplished lately, I just can't do them any justice at this hour.

I'm afraid this post of questionable quality is all you get.

Ok, and some pretty pictures I couldn't resist taking:

On the bright side, I'm off to bed! Hooray!

PS - What would you have done with the hamster?