Monday, April 28, 2008

Donating Blood!

I must preface this post by stating I don't like blood or needles. Or throw up. But that really isn't realated. Donating blood is something I've never done because of my fear of blood and needles and who knows, maybe I'll throw up. So on a Monday in February I was scheduled to donate blood with my friend Mrs. B (co-author of this blog). I called in the morning to make an appointment and was told they weren't open until 1. We had to go in the morning so we wouldn't have all our kids with us. So I made an appointment for the next day at 10am. I was able to get a babysitter so I wouldn't have any of my kids with me. When I arrived I was a few minutes late and Mrs. B. hadn't arrived yet, I knew if I didn't go in immediately I might try to talk myself out of it. So in I went! The people at Red Cross are very kind and very helpful, so helpful in fact that instead of giving me a sticker that said, "First Time Blood Donator" a sweet woman put it on for me making me very uncomfortable, I also have a problem with personal space. I waited some more for Mrs. B. and read through the list of people that can and cannot donate, hoping I somehow fell into one of the categories. I looked just beyond my chair and saw the waiting room. It made me very nervous. They quickly got me into the waiting room and Mrs. B. showed up. Thank goodness, or I think I would have marched right on out. After a lot of waiting and answering questions and pricking my left ring finger to test me for anemia, I waited some more to donate blood. The prick really hurt, way more painful than I expected and then they wrap it in gauze and tape so it really looks done up. Finally I went and sat up at a chair to have my pint taken. I wanted someone to take my blood that had some sympathy for me, maybe cared a little bit that I hated needles and was very nervous about this part. However, I got a guy who was joking around and didn't really care that I hated needles, in fact I think he enjoyed it. Mrs. B. came over after being pricked and said that since she thinks she is getting a sinus infection so she shouldn't donate. Unfortunetly for her she had to go through the most painful part and get her finger pricked. I was just glad to have her support. The needle going in really hurt, the guy said I had tough skin. Then I sat there for 7 minutes and 21 seconds reading Reader's Digest, talking to Mrs. B., and having my wonderful blood taken. When the guy said I was done Mrs. B. said the worst part was when they take out the needle. So I turned away and the guy said okay I'll count to three and then I'll pull it, he took his time counting real slow and having me get really nervous and then he laughs and says, "it's been out for a long time." I really was wanting to deck him at that point. After that they bandaged my arm and offerred me a treat and some juice and I got a sticker saying, "Be Nice to Me, I donated blood today." I also got a pin in the shape of a drop of blood. They asked if I wanted to sign up to donate again in 56 days, I said I would have to think about it.


Anonymous said...

I' m not a real big fan of needles as well! I can watch them be done on others, but cannot look when it's me on the recieving end. The one time I tried to willingly give blood was in high school. All I ended up with were two HUGE bruises on my arms (Why I let them try both arms I can't say)and they couldn't get anything out of me.

Anonymous said...

I always used to think to myself that if I was doing this for a member of my family, I would do it no matter how much it hurt. And then realize I was doing it for someone's family member and know that that family is thankful even though they have no idea who the donor is. Made it worth it every time.