Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Confession Wednesday

Confession: I'm on a new fertility plan.

I've always wanted to have at least six children, but it turns out my body isn't very good at getting pregnant, and even worse at staying pregnant. Eleven pregnancies have produced four miraculous (and sweet) children, and if that's all I ever get, they're enough.

But for better or worse, here's my plan:

1. Thanks to a true friend who knows me too well and won't accept excuses, I'm a little more fit and a little less round than I was two months ago. I still have quite a distance to go, and am hoping for continuous progress.

2. My garage is housing a whole bundle of baby storage: clothes, swing, bathtub, jumper, crib, basinette, more clothes, exersaucer, etc. With the exception of a few very sentimental items (a few outfits and a basinette my father-in-law and brother-in-law made for me), it's all headed to a much better cause than cluttering up my garage.

3. Every day I discover more and more about how much I enjoy being a mother of older kids (four through thirteen). Believe me, there are many, many perks to this! Imagine, if you will, uninterrupted sleep, coherent verbal communication with all household residents, and only one 5-point harness in the car, which can be buckled and unbuckled by any of three older siblings. Everyone here can get their own drink of water, wipe their own - uh - noses, participate in the job chart, and tidy up their own bedrooms. Who couldn't get used to this?

So there it is: Physical downsizing, baby storage gone, and enjoying my big kids.

I'll be pregnant by the end of the year.


Mandi said...

Love this post! I cannot imagine 11 pregnancies. Cannot. You are one strong woman!!

liz said...

Someone once told me to buy a year's supply of tampons if you're trying to get pregnant. Sorry if that's too crude for anyone, but I thought it was funny. Here's the beauty of your plan: if you get pregnant, you'll be happy; if you don't get pregnant, you'll be happy. Brilliant. Letting it go is always a good strategy -- in my case, it got us that one last cherished baby, but I can honestly say that we were prepared for the alternative and all would have been well either way. Love you for sharing this very personal stuff!

Jacque said...

What an example you are of taking a painful situation and accepting what the Lord has given you and being grateful. We can all take your example to heart. Thank you for the reminder.

LCM said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could exchange fertility issues. I could give you my getting and staying pregnant, but keep the non stop puking to myself? I've only been pregnant twice, only took trying twice, but both about killed me. It is nice when you can let go and just accept what happens. It is an effort aligning what we had planned and what actually happens. I am glad you have peace now.
I DO love being the mom of older kids myself.

Laura said...

I love your example so much! Thanks for sharing your feelings - it always helps me to hear someone else's perspective.

Our fertility plan? Graduate school!

Mach Momma said...

For several nights after my oldest went to college, as I looked at the remaining three while in the circle for family prayer, I just kept saying "Our family is so small! Our family is so small!".
Needless to say I was pregnant by March. my children are 24,17,14,10,4,and 1. It's like I have 3 families! It can happen especially if you buy tampons (lol), are content and get rid of baby clothes. You are such a great writer. Arrived from MMB