Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's only Tuesday . . .

. . . in my time zone, anyway, and here's what this week has brought me:

1. I canceled our cell phones. The original plan was to wait for the contract to expire, and then use a pay-as-you-go plan for emergency calls only. I was already getting giddy about the savings. But it turns out that pay-as-you-go is a spendy little conspiracy that forces you to buy more minutes than you need. LAME. So I figured, why not see how long we can go without cell phones?

I'm here to tell you, this is EASY.

You know, as long as I don't go anywhere.

It's leaving the house that complicates things, because first of all, I have no idea what time it is, and then I find myself thinking things like, "Hmm . . . I should call the school and tell them my cell number is no good," and then reaching for the cell phone I no longer carry. Because I'm that smart. And then I wonder how the school will ever find me if my child is mortally wounded at recess. Then I tell myself that my mom never had a cell phone and we all survived school while she ran errands, which reminds me that one of my errands involves dropping by a friend's house, except I don't know if she's home, and maybe I should call and D'OH!

It's going to be fun.

2. Remember how I got my taxes done early? Somebody tipped off my van, which promptly popped a gasket and began hemorrhaging (did you know that word has 2 h's?) transmission fluid.

Never fails.

I know, I know - be grateful the breakdowns happen when the cash is available. Here's a bit of trivia for you: Kitty litter will soak oil up off of pavement. I have ten pounds of it on my driveway right now. Luckily kitty litter only costs 1/100th of a pan gasket repair.

3. February 13th will mark six months since my dear friend KB told me it was time to suck it up and improve my health. (If you're 20 pounds too big to donate a kidney and your doctor is eying your blood sugar warily and you hate shopping for clothes and you want so much to have a baby, but your body is a little wonky and you have this nagging feeling that you'd better start doing something about it all, DON'T. TELL. KB.) We've been working out in her garage pretty much every weekday since.

You know those big 3-pound tubs of margarine? KB has worked EIGHT of them off of me since August. (Humor me. It's my favorite visual.) Except one of them snuck back on, and I guess KB noticed, because she called me today and told me that she's gone and signed me up for a 5K on the 13th, along with herself and J-Dub. She also tells me I'll be doing one a month from here on out, and that I can walk as much as I please for this one, because it will be my time to improve on.

Running a 5K (or any K, or any running) was never, ever, ever on my bucket list. EVER. But I'm terribly grateful to KB for sticking with me and offering endless encouragement and not allowing excuses. I can't turn down support like that, so I'll let you know how it goes.

4. Luckily, this week has also resolved one of the biggest worries I've had: Mr. B's hip is healing nicely, and he gets to start back to work tomorrow! Which means I don't have to move OR start looking for someone who wants to hire me. Also, WAH! I've gotten quite used to having Mr. B around the house all day, and I've really liked it! But I also like having an income, so I'll just be glad he's headed back.

Oops. It's not Tuesday anymore. 'Night all!


Mandi said...

Yay! So glad the hubs is doing well! You are my hero canceling your cell to save dough!

Anonymous said...

Phew...I'm so glad that KB is not me!!! But if I had to, I certainly would have helped her the other KB! So glad the tubs of butter are coming off! Proud of you!

Toria said...

Wow Mrs. B! Exciting stuff watching those tubs-o-butter melt away! I'm so impressed and proud and excited for you.
I'm also anxious to hear about your cell phone triumphs. I have some ideas if you decide to go back to having one (I got one for the one month I was in the U.S. both summers and agree with you that the pay as you go plans are ridiculous- but I found healthier options :))

Jill said...

Congrats to all - taxes, margarine and the upcoming 5k! You rock!!!

Whitmer Family said...

8?! Wow, that's impressive! Remind me not to complain to KB! I think I know whose initials those are, and I will only say happy things about my out of shape-ness around her! :>

Laura said...

I'm so impressed! Seriously!

Also, about cell phones, I have a Virgin Mobile cell phone (there are lots of other pre-paid places that are just as good), and so I have a cell phone for five dollars a month. (It works out to about twenty-five minutes a month), which is plenty for me, because no one has the number except work.

Just an idea if you want something for emergencies. :)

Mrs. B said...

Mandi - I think I lasted 3 days before ordering a by-the-minute phone that isn't such a ripoff. But being wireless-less (is that wired?) has been an adventure!

Anonymous - I'd respond to your sweet comment, but I have it on good authority you never check the follow-up box, so you'll never see it! I also hear you're running with us Saturday!

Toria - I went with Virgin Mobile -$15 for the phone, and $20 every 3 months. Did you see anything better?

Jill - No, YOU rock. I'm wearing my new shoes right now!

Aimee - I'd trade you shapes any day! But I promise not to rat you out to her. :)

Laura - I went to a running store last week and thought of you! Thanks for the tip on VM!