Monday, March 8, 2010

Get Ready New House

Dear New House,
Thank you for being around the corner from Mrs. B. We didn't plan it that way but you are the most perfect house and being around the corner from Mrs. B and her girls was just icing on the cake!

Windows-are you prepared to be touched everyday with messy hands? To have noses pressed up against you by little ones as they wait for siblings to return home from school?

Toilet seats-start getting strong now, there will be a lot of standing on you to reach things on the counters.

Floors-I hope you are ready for some scratches. Lots of wheeled toys will be played with on you.

Walls-are you ready to be the walls that house the girls when they go on their first dates? You will be the walls that welcome the kids home and send them off on their own some day.

Kitchen counters-I could never prepare you for what you are about to experience! The amount of food and meals on you could overwhelm anyone. But you also get to be apart of pine wood derbys, crafts, play dough, and my girls making brownies.

Stairs-I can picture now how many times my littlest boy will go up and down you just for fun!

Doors-I'm sure there will come a day when you are slammed by angry teenagers. And days you are closed from a tired mom who needs a break.

Soaking Bathtub-how I've dreamt of you! I can't wait to try you out for the first time! There is already a waiting list for all the kids who want to give you a try.

Backyard-I've got big plans for you! A 12th birthday party pie throwing party, Easter BBQ, trampoline jumping and playing on the play structure.

I'm sure, house, that you have no idea what you are in for! But I promise you it is all good! So don't miss your old owners too much, because if you love us even a fraction of what we feel for you, we will make a great team!

It is true my friends! We are moving! Nothing like having the kids switch schools and going to a new ward to make me face some fears!


Jacque said...

Dear Yonf,
Your new ward is excited to have you come. We love stretching our arms bigger to include new ones into our fold. Your new school welcomes you too. You could not ask for a better staff or set of teachers. Lion pride, by your side! My advice is to jump in with both feet and don't look back. Blue sky is on your horizon.

Mandi said...

Congratulations! How fun! Can we see some pics??

Mrs. B said...

Dear New House's Front Steps,

We will be seeing a lot of eachother. Thank you for bringing some of our favorite people so very close to us!


Lissa said...

No fears, only wonderful things await you. We are so excited that you and your family are joining our ward.

daniellef said...

What?? What ward are you moving to?? How was I not aware of this?? lol I guess I'm more out of the loop than I thought!

Beth said...

Yeah! New houses are always fun.

Mrs. B said...

Danielle, it's Yonf that's moving. To our ward! Yippee! I'm staying put cuz I love it so much here. But we miss you & your family bunches!

Yonf, did I mention how much I love this post?

Julie said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! So excited for you. If only it were closer my way...;) Happy for you guys!