Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is it Thursday already? I'm confessing anyway.

I don't know what the heck is causing this, but I'm having very vivid and also strange dreams lately. This one, for instance. Or the one that made me mad at my husband and another female of my acquaintance for an entire day. Last night I dreamed I was pregnant (I'm not), and pretty doggone excited about it (I would be). I also dreamed that my husband had just returned from a 3 week absence, and I was preparing to go out to lunch with some friends when it dawned on me it was a terrible thing to do, and that I ought to spend some time with my handsome, much-missed hubby instead. (Here I'll insert a weak chuckle at my sleepy enlightenment, but I'm not elaborating just yet.)

The eye surgery went well. I'll chronicle the entire saga, but not today. (I know, I know, the suspense will kill you. Try to carry on.)

Ok, down to the point. Here's my Year of No Fear experience for this week. (The lazy person in me . . . . wait, that IS me. . . . would like to start abbreviating Year of No Fear, but I've abstained thus far so as to avoid confusion, since YONF is what I named this here blog's other contributor. But I'm tired of it, I tell you. If I referred to the Year of No Fear as YONF, and to you-know-who as Yonf, would it befuddle you all terribly? No? Excellent. I'll add a clarification to the sidebar. Eventually.)

Where was I?

Right. For my YONF this week, I'm going to delurk on a blog. Here's why: One of the downfalls of the voyeuristic world of blogging is that occasionally I run into somebody whose (who's?) blog I've been perusing anonymously for quite some time. I am instantly thrown into an internal panic. Do I confess I've been peeking at her blog like some sort of creepy peeping tom? What will she think? And yet if I pretend to be surprised as we catch up on each other's lives, I'll feel more fake than Lee Press-on Nails!

Internal panic doesn't look good on me. I have an insanely hyperactive conscience that screams in my ear and obliterates all mental function and social grace, which can only be recovered when I come clean in as awkward a way as possible. Three past experiences come immediately to mind (if you know me well, feel free to have a giggle at the dress in the casserole dish, the diamond engagement ring, or the spilling of the nemesis).

Help me out here: What do you do when blogging meets real life? Is it practical to comment occasionally on every blog you read? Or even just the blogs of people you actually know? Do you lurk, or are you a conscientious commenter?

But in the meantime, for my own YONF, I'm going to leave a comment on a blog I've been reading for a while. It's a friend I grew up with, but I haven't seen her or been in touch for a good 12 years or so. I came across her blog through a friend, who I found on another blog, etc. I've enjoyed reading about her adventures, but I didn't comment at first because I felt silly popping up out of the blue like that, and then because I felt silly for not commenting to begin with. Now, quite some time later, we've added each other on facebook, and my stupid conscience is screeching in my ear that I've got to come clean so I can enjoy that friendship again without being a big Press-on Nail Faker.

Still holding onto a shred of respect for me? Allow me to relieve you of it: This particular person has commented on this very blog. Not with her real name, but with her blogger ID (which, if you're following, I'm well aware of). But I didn't return the favor and comment on her blog because of the confession vs. faker dilemma. (See how we're approaching the part where I confess awkwardly?)

So that's it. I'm off to comment. If you're reading this, and you remember me begging you for a stick of gum to get the flavor of a nasty menthol cough drop out of my mouth in 7th grade science class (and by the way, do you remember how we used to mock the teacher for telling us that he marks his wife's cycle on the calendar so he could be ready for the crazy?), you should check your blog. I'm coming clean.


bestgrandkidsever said...

That hyperactive conscience came in so handy when you were a child! :) Oh, and I'm a confessed lurker. Who wants a comment from an old lady anyway?

Bean said...

I don't know about other people but, I love hearing from people and love getting comments on my blog! So because comments make me happy. I leave comments for others hoping it will make them happy too.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog, but my comments seem to be my blog in a weird way.

And hey....I think I was a weird dream of your's, and who said I would have given you a ride home from Utah anyway!!! LOL!

Mrs. B said...

Oh that's right! I forgot that dream! But it belongs in the surgery chronicle anyway - I'll have to add it!

Ironically, it would also be a nightmare for you if I was YOUR ride home from Utah! Ha!

Year of no Fear said...

You and I are one brain. I was thinking just today that I was going to delurk on a friend's blog. A friend from college that I got her blog address from a mutual friend at college. I think it's time to let her know I read her blog. Wish me luck! What is the best way to do this? The fear in me says will she remember me?

Savannah said...

I agree with Bean, I LOVE COMMENTS! They make me happy! I don't think there's anything wrong with showing up out of the blue. In fact, I think its a lot of fun! Go for the glory Mrs. B!

Tana said...

Okay. I'm confessing. I read people's blogs all the time and then they show up at work out in the morning and I don't really know them and they don't know me. I can't really say...Hi, I'm Tana and I know all about you because I read your blog. I feel like a voyeur but at least I don't look like an idiot and forget their name right away. Right?

LCM said...

OH My gosh!! I totally just told my husband that story the other day (about Mr Ryker)...I think it was fated that you delurk. Hey, we are all guilty. There was a time that I was at a book club with my sister and everyone got up to admire the lady's newly painted bathroom and my sister asked why I didn't get up to see it. I admitted, only to her, that I had heard she had a blog, goggled her unusual children's names and found it and had already seen pictures of the bathroom....How sad is that? I love comments. Lots of time, I just post random comments because I want to! Thanks for making me one of your hurdles (so laughing while I write this)

Mrs. B said...

lcm, I think I'm going to suggest some cyclical calendaring for my husband, like "Bring Chocolates EVERY DAY THIS WEEK." Now that I think about it, I would have taken the calendar story over the one about the banana and rice diet any day. Ew.

So lovely to see you here!

Julie said...

I've started to post on some of the ones I lurk on, but others I don't. It's kind of the will they even remember me thing or think I'm psycho for blogstalking them. I have posted aa anonymous on a few sites but i'm finding it fun to reconnect with some of the blogs of friends I have found.

Bean said...

Mrs. B I just wanted to wish you a very very happy birthday today!!!