Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Confession: What makes you a good mom?

I was a good mom tonight (lately I feel like that is a rare occurrence!) Like all kids, mine love to work in the kitchen and help out with dinner. Since I was almost finished cooking I asked if they wanted to make brownies (something they love to do and can do mostly by themselves.) Sure enough they had a fabulous time and we all enjoyed the end result!

Confession time: What is something you do that makes you feel like a good mom?


Tana said...

I use bribery to get work done. Although this doesn't work for my own child, there is a child in the world somewhere that gets beaten to do their chores and they are thinking..."I wish my mom would give me movies to mow the lawn"

LCM said...

Taking care of my girls when they are sick. For the past couple of years, it has required being above and beyond the regular call of duty, but it's one of those mothering episodes I can look back on and have absolutely no regrets.

Jacque said...

Sometimes it is hard for me to STOP. Whatever the circumstances, stopping is difficult. Lately I have made a point to STOP and listen to each child read individually and then read to them in return. I know it is simple but I feel good when I ignore my Mom impulses and enjoy their childhood.

Anonymous said...

When I can leave the kids for a whole day without feeling guilty I know I am a good mom. Sometimes you just have to go out for a few drinks.

I'm so glad I built that box for them to stay in! And they LOVE it in there!!

Best . Babysitter. Ever!

Beth said...

My boys like to dance crazy to fun music. I feel like a good mom when I actually take a little time to dance with them.

Savannah said...

I tagged you on my blog, check it out for details! You'll have to scroll down a bit since I started writing the post FOREVER ago, and just now posted it!