Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Confession Wednesday

Confession #1: I've never, ever, ever had my toenails done (until now).

This is Mickie. She sat on the floor for about 4 hours one night last week doing 11 sets of glamorously glittery toes. That's 110 toenails!! I tell you, she's amazing!!

Forty (well, 39 - missed one) toes, as posed by hostess Kay:

Mickie was right. I LOVE them!

Confession #2: I am really bad at enjoying autumn. I love the colors and crunchy leaves as much as the next person, but it's all such a definite reminder that winter is imminent. I dread it every year. I resent all the shoes, socks, and coats required to shuffle children out the door into a chilly car, when mere weeks ago we were sailing out the door for walks in our flip flops. I miss my bare feet and short sleeves. I pine for the sound of sprinklers outside my open window and daylight at 6am. Or even 6pm. And the holidays don't buffer it: they're over and done 10 days into winter.

But the whining isn't doing much to improve it.


My mom used to encourage us, when feeling tempest-tossed, to find three positive things about the situation (you know, Pollyanna-style).

For example: If your 11th grade Pre-Calculus teacher gave you no reason to suspect you had anything less than an A, and then slapped a B onto your final report card and retired before the mailman could deliver the irreversible bad news, thus destroying your hard-earned 4.0 and dashing every hope you ever had of becoming a valedictorian and Benson Scholar with a full-ride scholarship to the only university you ever wanted to attend (you know, hypothetically speaking)(and I hope SOMEBODY played many a golf game in his retirement with a cankered conscience), well then, your father might pull you back from the depths of despair with some counsel like:
1. "Hey, the 4.0 is gone, and the pressure's off. Now you can enjoy your senior year."
2. "Your mom and I are still proud of you, so chill."
3. "Need a hug?"

For the record, it made all the difference. (I love my parents.)

Therefore, three things I can't help enjoying about Autumn:
1. Cinnamon scented everything.
2. The many birthdays and related gatherings comprising the month-long party known as October (oooh! I can't wait!).
3. Wrapping up in quilts made for me by my grandmas.

And Winter:
1. Cold, cold water, straight from the tap.
2. Life slows down, just a leeetle bit.
3. Snow days. Can't beat 'em.

Yep, that helps. (Now I need to work on a list of three good things about what a pain in the rear it is to get four children out the door on time every morning.)

How about you? What's something you're not enjoying, and what are three things that change your perspective?

(12 minutes until October. Let the parties begin!)


Laura said...

I have such a hard time having my toenails painted - I always miss the free-nakedness of my pink toes.

Something I'm not enjoying - talking endlessly about my coworker's (who I love dearly) new baby. (She's back from maternity leave.)

Seomthing that changes my perspective:
1. Reading about someone in the newspaper who had their face blown off.
2. Being at work with sick kids.
3. Being at work with sick kids.

When you see brain cancer every day, infertility seems not so bad after all.

Jacque said...

Love your toes!!

1. Not enjoying a soar throat...still
2. My kids having hard times with pre-pubescent issues. Hate middle school
3. That no matter how hard I try...can't stay above the clutter.

Sunnyside up!
1. Even though my throat still hurst I proved on Tuesday I can still sing, although very, very, limited.
2. I am grateful my kids have some good friends to help ease through the crappy years
3. I don't know how to be cheery about this hose has that coay, lived-in look?! I knw I am stretching. Help me out will ya?

Jacque said...

Sorry, my spelling totally stunk...I think it is my meds.

Jill said...

I share your distaste for winter. But...

1. SPRING comes next!
2. Winter here is NOTHING compared to other places I've lived
3. Hot Chocolate!!!

Sounds like we need to throw a house-cleaning party for Jacque into our Octoberfest of parties. Got a free day anywhere??

adventures in mommyland said...

Can't stand:
1)Cold and flu season (especially since we're the home of a little quarentined "piglet")
2)I'm with you on the endless amounts of CRAP that is required to walk out the door in cold weather.

Smile worthy:
1) Peppermint Hot chocolate
2) Snuggling with the kids on a crisp evening watching a movie
4) cute sweaters and fleece vests that hid the "muffin top"
5) Jeans and tights mean less leg shaving!
6)Holiday smells and baking!