Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Would You Have Said?

Why is that confession Wednesday keeps becoming Confession Thursdays? It seems no matter how hard Mrs. B and I try we always get our Wednesday Post out on Thursdays, one day late. Maybe if we change it to Confession Tuesday we will write it on Wednesday and it will be Wednesday Confession once again! Speaking of one day late, I was invited to help direct students on the first day of school this year. I showed up at the school on Wednesday at 2 for orientation, only to kindly be told it was actually the day before! No worries, I got to help anyway.

So today isn't a confession, it's more of a I wish I would have reacted to something instead of sitting in shock. So crazy week this week getting kids ready for school and husband working at least 12 hour days. So to help relax I went to lunch with my mom and the baby. We are enjoying our lunch and the baby was in his car seat, sideways on a chair. I had checked multiple times to make sure he was on there safe, after him cutting his finger badly at church on Sunday and having to take him to a Doctor on a Sunday I was overly protective after that. I kept feeding him my food and playing with him. I had my attention on him the entire time. We are almost done and ready to leave when this lady out of no where who was also eating there comes over and moves a chair behind him and says something like, ok that's better. I sat there and didn't say anything to her. I couldn't figure out what she had done. It hit me and I was in shock. She thought the baby was unsafe! What? Where she was sitting it wasn't like she could see something I couldn't. Why do people do these things? I was so shocked somebody would do something like that, I didn't have a response to say to her and I went out of my way to avoid her when I left immediately after that. So was she rude? Would you do what she did? What should I have said to her? I'm an overly protective mom, my kids aren't allowed to eat when left home alone, I don't let them out of my sight, so really was it important that this lady did this?

And on a positive note, after the baby sliced his finger open I ran him to the bathroom, him bleeding badly. All of a sudden I'm in a panic not sure what to do and this wonderful lady shows up and says she has a first aid kit. She asks what I need. She has Tylenol for the baby to take and she told me to keep it. She had everything for me to use to help the little guy. Then we decide we need to take him in to get stitches and we are trying to figure out how to clean up the blood around the sink and she says she will take care of it. Really? She was a saint! I'm hoping to find out who she was so I can send her a thank you card, she made a terrible situation for me a little bit better. I wish there were more people like her in the world than the woman I met the next day.

Colorado Julie-I consider you one of my sophisticated friends so what would you have done?


Mrs. B said...

I probably would have said something like, "Oh . . . uh . . . thanks?"

But then I would have WISHED I had said something like, "Oh, don't worry! He's very safe!"

I don't mind people keeping an eye on a situation that concerns them, but I think the way she dealt with it was somewhat thoughtless. Good intentions, faulty execution.

Clearly she had no clue what kind of a Super-Mom she was dealing with!

marlaquin said...

Yes, true Mrs. B.

There's always going to be someone in public who thinks they can raise your children better than you can.

I have found it's most effective to just ignore them, but if they're really pushy I have no problems telling them to bug off.

This can lead to a confrontation, but if your child is older I feel that they should see you stick up for them, so they can learn to feel safe sticking up for themselves.

Tana said...

I would have said....wait for it. Very Sarcastically. "OH, Thank you so much. It was so obvious that I was intentionally wanting to cause harm to my child and you are such a lifesaver to be here for neglectful parents such as I" Then I would have let the wait staff know that she was such a saint and should be given her meal for free. Because she just wanted attention in the first place. Let her have some attention.

People like that should be let out of the 2 North. Lock'em up!

Jacque said...

I'm like you...I don't say much because I am shocked that someone has that much nerve. I do know that when I have said something short back to them it doesn't make me feel better, it just makes me feel guilty on top of being angry.

It seems like those people are everywhere especially when I am in an irritated mood.

If you had the guts that I don't have you could have said "Thanks, I'm good" and put the chair back away. A small part of me would get a lot of satisfaction over that one ;)

Julie said...

I don't know what I would have done. I probably would have been caught off guard like you and not sure what to say. I guess it would depend on the day and my mood. I might have snapped something back at her or tried to be polite but direct. It's so hard to know. You really can't prepare for these kinds of things because you just never know what people will say or when.