Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anonymous Confession Wednesday

Phone Conversation Number One:

Me: Hey, now that my walls are painted, I'm going to be brave and invite a bunch of people to lunch at my house this week!

(I don't do that much. I get so nervous about whether or not my house is clean enough. Silly, I know. Does anyone else avoid hosting social gatherings?)

Friend: Great!

Me (nervous): Ok, so Thursday?

Friend: Perfect.

Phone Conversation Number Two:

Me: Hey, we're going to have lunch Thursday.

Other Friend (who hosts lots of social gatherings and does so swimmingly): Great. Do you want to do it at my house?

Me: Yes, please.

So, score one for irrational fear.

When's the last time you DIDN'T cave in like a wet cardboard box?


Anonymous said...

A small celebrity came to our ward on Sunday, instead of me bombarding him and asking for his autograph, my husband played bodyguard for him so he wouldn't be bombarded by people like me. I know he didn't want the attention but I wish my fear and respect for his personal space hadn't gotten in the way so I could have met him. Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

I recently had a "friend" tell me if I had nine kids I would leave the baby in the car and forget about it, probably after church. I told her "no, I wouldn't, I'm much to paranoid about that sort of thing, I wouldn't do it." She kept arguing with me that I would, since she thinks she might do it, instead of backing down and letting her have the last say I told her to "shut up" and apologized for being a better mother than her. Not really, I just kept my ground and told her I really wouldn't. But wouldn't have telling her to shut up and apologizing for being a better mother have been a better response?

Anonymous said...

My bishop made a mistake( on quite a touchy subject) and as the president of an auxillary, I felt that I could not really point it out to him without being rude or telling him how to do his job. At my presidency meeting it ended up me sounding off against the bishop and I that is not what I wanted to have happen. The other members of the presidency said I should tell him exactly what the problem was, which I agreed to. The next time I talked to him I caved again and didn't tell him how I really felt.... Do you just say nothing because it's the bishop?

Anonymous said...

I know a lady who's always asking for favors and making her and her family out to be practicly destitute, when I know she's not. So I've called her on it a couple times when she's trying to make herself look pathetic in front of others. I"ve tried to do it as nicely as possible if that exists. She's also one that feels that she has to compare herself to you and know all that's going on in your life, so the last time she called me for a favor I told her I was busy and didn't give her the why. Why do I feel like I always have to tell people why I can't or won't do something? I decided it's none of their business.

Anonymous said...

I didn't back down when the teacher didn't want to change the seating arrangements when my daughter sat by the class bully.

Dave and Leslie said...
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Anonymous said...

I stood up and said something when my brother in law was being rude to my husband (as usual) and it felt GOOD!!

Anonymous said...

I bought four (FOUR!) boxes of Lofthouse Iced Sugar Cookies (Deliciously Soft!) 36 hours before I went on a no-sugar, no-white flour diet and could only eat three boxes by the night before the diet began.

So, when I woke up at midnight to pee, I made myself eat the fourth box, just so I wouldn't have to share the cookies with my kids or worse, admit I'd bought them in the first place.

This has nothing to do with not caving. Sorry.