Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Confession Wednesday - Pancake Predicament

What do you do when you go to the local pancake house with friends and they serve breakfast to everyone at the table except you?

You try to fly under the radar until someone else notices it and informs the waitress.

What do you do when a member of your breakfast party slides her breakfast over to share and suggests you just cancel your tardy order?

You hem and haw until someone else ventures into the kitchen to cancel it for you.

What do you do when the kitchen won't cancel your order because they're rushing it and it's already on the griddle, but in the time it takes to rush your order you could have gone home, make your own breakfast, cleaned it up, swept the floor and cleaned 7 containers of moldy leftovers out of the fridge?

You crack a joke about getting your breakfast for free, but you clam right up when you realize the waitress is in earshot.

But what do you do when a sentence at the table ends with, " . . . . and that's about as likely as Mrs. B asking to get her breakfast for free!"

You get a grip and go tell the cashier all by yourself that you'd rather not pay for the breakfast. Then he reluctantly agrees with you and you feel all proud of yourself.

And, finally, what DON'T you do when you get back to the table and everyone asks what happened?

You DON'T shush them all in order to avoid conversation that the waitress might hear, because then you will make your friends think that you're attempting to run off without paying!

What's the best/worst service you've ever received at a restaurant?


Anonymous said...

One of the worst was a Chili's not too far away. They burnt my daughter's corn dog and when we asked to get another, the waiter acted it like the corn dog was just fine. I had to bang it on the table to get my point across that the thing was hard as a rock. But wouldn't you know, the next one we got was almost as bad. Seriously, how hard is it to cook a corn dog?! This waiter also kept asking us stuff and leaving so quickly that we didn;t get to answer. He also kept forgetting to bring silverware for the kids and other things. Needless to say his tip was terrible and we've never been back.

Laura said...

Once we are at a restaurant at Bryce Canyon and we ordered lunch. I ordered some sort of chicken sandwich with a chipotle sauce or something like that. It came without any sauce (and therefore was not tasty), and it took our waitress literally an hour and a half to come ask us how our food was so I could get the sauce. (And we were one of two full tables at the restaurant.) Because, you know, I couldn't just walk up to her and ask for the sauce. That would take guts. . .

Anonymous said...

We have had fabulous service at both Red Lobster and Si Casa Flores (the one on Biddle) in Medford. Both times my hubbie has sought out the manager to comment on the great was THAT good.

BTW, I am so proud of you for sneaking over to the counter (away from eavesdropping friends) and shyly suggesting your breakfast should be free...and so happy it worked!

Anonymous said...

If you were a guy I would say "grow a pair" -- if you paid for it and it's not good, or if they never bring it... of COURSE you should get it for free! That's the food business, it's their fault not yours! I am never afraid to tell them when something is wrong! The only issue then is whether or not they will spit in my food!

Dave and Leslie said...
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