Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Confession Wednesday: Primsuits

Every time I take my kids swimming, I have this nagging guilt that I ought to be in the pool playing with them, not hovering on the side, safely clothed from neck to kneecap. But oh, how I hate to wear a swimsuit. And I have some swim shorts, but it's not just the thighs; it's . . . well . . . everything between my neck and kneecaps.

By the way, Swimsuit Designers . . . . if I want my thighs covered (thanks for the skirt) wouldn't it follow that I want the neckline to end somewhere above my navel? Hello? Is anyone listening?

Yesterday I took my kids swimming, and I hovered on the side, and I was even ASKED if I thought being able to play with my kids was worth wearing a swim suit. (Cue guilt.)

So in the spirit of compromise (a.k.a. - how can I avoid facing the music?) here's my question: Knowing that people are actually swimming in things like this:

(Really! Just google "modest swimwear")

Would it really be so terrible if I showed up to swim wearing something like this?

Or this?

(Ignore the caption - I'm too lazy to crop it.)

(And in other news: When potty-training a toddler, be sure to use handsoap that smells like soap, not strawberries, or said toddler may taste-test the soap. Ick.)

If swimsuits make you painfully self-conscious, what do you do about it?

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Anonymous said...

When I was younger I would feel self concious in a swimsuit because I was developing. So I would cover my chest with my arms. I'm sure that didn't help matters!

Anonymous said...

I really haven't had the chance to go in or near the water since last summer. Last summer, I wore a suit that consists of a tank style top and boy shorts. I've had it a while but didn't get to wear it due to pregnancies and nursing unntil our family vacation then. I have vowed to get back in shape and find a cute suit before I go swimming again, probably in August when we go away for a trip. I dread it! It's so hard finding something that latters, isn't so low cute that you feel the sisters are always displayed and something that will cover the belly and not ride up in the back. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I liked the last suit/wetsuit! Wear something like that. The 2nd one is OK too. The first one just looked weird!

I, on the other hand, know I have bulges, but have decide that most people do. And I have found that most people are worrying about themselves not you, so go swim, HAVE FUN!

Jerilyn said...

As a fat person, here is my advice: the more you wear your bathing suit, the more comfortable you are in it. If you wear it around the house long enough, you won't be self-conscious anymore and your kids won't stare, point and laugh. Also, it helps to think about the fact that since the bathing suit is a smaller profile on your body than your regular clothing, it's actually SLIMMING. Right? Right??

Jerilyn said...

Aw, crap. Now everyone knows I'm a fat person.

Anonymous said...
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