Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Confession Wednesday: Summer Vacation

Summer vacation in a nutshell:

June 6th (last day of school)-How am I going to survive summer vacation with 4 kids home all day? What will we do all day? I'm dreading summer.

End of June-Summer is flying by! I'm loving having the kids home. We have been doing lots of fun things together and I've really (honestly) enjoyed the conversations I've had with the kids throughout the day.

July-Busy, busy, with swimming lesssons and girls camp and vacations to the coast! Having no school schedule or homework is great!

Beginning of August-I can't believe there is only a month left of summer! I'm not ready to send the kids back to school!

August 15th-Only a few more weeks of the kids at home, it'll be so quiet not having them around and there is so much to do get them ready for school. I will sure miss them during the day come September!

This week-How many more days of summer? I'm not going to survive until the end! I cannot wait for school to start! If only it could come sooner!

Why is it that I have mixed feelings? And will I really survive another 2 weeks?

Confession time: Are you going crazy until school starts? Were you excited to have the kids home so much or do you dread summer vacation?


adventures in mommyland said...

I've loved having the kids... most days... but I am very excited for life to be back in a routine and them back in school. 13 days left of summer... but no ones counting right?!

Tana said...

Sadly, Summer isn't much different in our household except now, my DD sleeps during the day and parties at night when I'm trying to sleep. But School is definately harder. Too much pressure to be a SUPPORTIVE PARENT! Blah!

Julie said...

I'm happy to get back into the school routine, but then again I hate having to wake napping kids to go pickup when school's out and all the back and forth in the car gets old. I loved having them all home but the bickering got old fast.

Christy said...

OK, this has nothing to do with the post but thank you so much Mrs. B for the heads up about that blog that I just oh so love. I went back and reread some of it, along with the comments, and I can't believe I didn't see it the first time. I am so thankful that there is not someone that seriously derranged out there
Oh, and as far as school goes, it can't come soon enough. I am one of those people who start the count down to school starting the week before school ends! summer is so hard at our house.

Mrs. B said...

Christy, I thought it was for real the first time or two as well. It's so annoying and clever at the same time!

I live for summer . . . evenings out unrestricted by bedtimes, no nagging about homework, no hounding the kids out the door by 7:30am . . . it feels so good to relax a little and have days open to whatever comes up!

Granted, by the end of summer, a little structure and predictability starts to look appealing, and I'm ready to have the house a little quieter during the day, but fall is a busy time at our house . . . I'd rather have summer!

Jill said...

For the first time ever, I'm not really ready to send my kids back to school. My reasons are completely selfish though - I like having a babysitter at my disposal. And no bedtimes. And no hurried mornings. And being able to follow my husband on business trips. And not packing lunches every day. But once school starts, I'll appreciate the routine of that too. Variety (or indecisiveness?) is good!

Savannah said...

Summer? I usually barely notice it has come, except for the fact that it is so hot! Since Adam had knee surgery this week I have been home tending to him... but he really doesn't need help most of the day. What have I accomplished in all this free summer time you ask?
Not a blessed thing.
I have been reading blogs endlessly and updating mine! I'm new to this blog thing and still experiencing the new obsession.
I never read this blog until today, and have gone back several pages reading old postings and comments, and I'm in love! In fact, to embrace the rest of my time off (today through monday) I'm going to make a list of tasks to get done and post them on my blog. That way I have to have some accountability. That's scary for me! Easier to not let anyone know, cus then nobody can be disappointed! I also fear disappointing people. So, here I go embracing my fear! Check out my blog for progress! Thanks for the motivation!