Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Wednesday!

Here's the skinny on tomorrow's auction:

  • We'll list each item tomorrow as a separate post, and you can bid in the comments. (ie. "I bid $5.")
  • Please bid in whole dollar amounts.
  • Bidding will end Sunday at 10:00pm, Pacific time.
  • On Monday we'll post the winners and a link to the Neilsen's Paypal Fund. Winners can pay to the fund, then forward us a copy of the receipt along with their contact information.

And now . . . a preview of our auction items! (Don't bid until tomorrow!)

Up for grabs:

Auctions 1 & 2: TWO lovely diaper/wipes holders, perfect for sliding into your purse on the way out the door! (Also prevents "bunchy diapers" - you know how they get when they tumble around loose for a awhile.) The winners can tell us whether they want girl or boy fabric. We'll cover shipping.

Auction 3: A portrait session. (Rogue Valley Locals only.) The winner will receive a sitting, 25 printed 4x6 pictures, a CD of 100+ pictures, a web gallery, and up to an hour of photoshopping on request. See examples at (click on "Gallery" or "Portfolio").

(Please, please don't misconstrue this as me using Stephanie''s Auction Day to advertise. I am absolutely not trying to drum up extra business, as I am much too scatter-brained to handle any more than what I've already got. Don't believe me? Ask the soccer coach who sat with my poor forgotten daughter an extra 20 minutes after practice last night . . .)

Auction 4: One dozen scrumptious homemade cinnamon rolls! (Again, Rogue Valley Locals. They're no good after 3 days in the mail.) They won't be naked like these ones - they'll be frosted or glazed! (Like unto the apology batch I'll be making for a certain soccer coach . . . )

Thanks for helping us help out!

And since it's Anonymous Confession Wednesday, (and since this was one of the amazing things Stephanie did for her kids just days before she was hurt) tell me this:

What are your family's back-to-school traditions?


Year of no Fear said...

I always take the kids to their classes on the first day. I love taking them, I walk them to class and help them get settled in their seat and take a picture of them. I also try to make them a special breakfast, something homemade, on their first day back.