Monday, August 11, 2008

Something smells fishy . . .

Blogging non-anonymously (would that be nonymously? onymously?) about the Year of No Fear may have been a big mistake. (Smart call with the anonymity, YONF. Next time remind me to keep quiet.)

People who know about it are starting to throw challenges at me (I'm not sure if that should be allowed!), which is also making it obvious what a safe, unadventurous life I've been leading. For example, here's a short list of the craziest things I've ever (erm . . . intentionally) done.

1986-1993: Numerous perms - livin' on the edge!
1991: Jumped off the lowest of 3 diving cliffs on a rafting trip. Didn't repeat.
1994: Went for a walk ALONE at NIGHT with nothing but a POCKETKNIFE to protect me . . . IN PROVO no less!!
1994: Swallowed a raw egg yolk whole on a dare. Won a pint of Ben&Jerry's.
1996: Natural childbirth (more ignorance than intention there).
2001: Rode a motorcyle across town UNLICENSED. Drove it up onto a sidewalk in a moment of panic at seeing an apparently unobservant cop.
2008: April Fool's prank. Still on the down-low.

So, knowing the above, here are a few of the challenges recently tossed onto my plate by others:

Going boating. (Behind the boat, not just on it, which will involve keeping my balance while wearing a swimsuit.)
Getting Scuba certified. (Again with the swimsuit, also loogies. Since it's also the Year of No Money, I have time to think this one over.)
Eating sushi. (Don't look so shocked - did you even read my Crazy List?)
Telling the sushi-suggester that I don't want sushi. (Do conflicting challenges cancel eachother out?)

Soooo . . . . . Sushi it was. We went to a place called Bonzai (on Barnett, but their best chef is moving to the downtown location very soon), and my sushi-lovin' sisters ordered a baked salmon roll, and a pop-corn lobster something.

The verdict? Yummy! (Waaaaay better than rubbery octopus.) I think I liked the lobster one the best, but they were both good.

Also, the company was great:

I'll let you know how the boating goes!
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cricket said...

Aren't there some rules to YONF? My husband feels he can use it against me...hello, it's not the Year of Peer Pressure. Good job for the sushi. I tried it as well. My opinion is that if I am ever Tom Hanks on Cast Away I will survive...otherwise...And so far as boating goes, there is a very unflattering picture that someone else has of me floating around on an inner tube...nuff said? I'd bring on the loogies.

Jerilyn said...

Such a cute baby!

Thanks for being a good sport about the sushi. I promise, I wouldn't have been mad if you said you didn't want any!

Tana said...

I would totally eat whatever if I could look at that cute Bonnie all day. I would do the boating too but only with really good friends that aren't allowed to take pictures until they find a flattering angle, which would never happen! Good luck. I think that you getting up at 5am every morning should except you from further entanglements.