Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hiding Under the Table Confession Wednesday

One of my favorite shows on TV is “How I Met Your Mother.” The dialogue and storylines are unique and witty. I find myself laughing outloud when watching the show. On Monday’s episode it had the main character and his friends hiding under a table at a restaurant to avoid coming face to face with his former fiancé who dumped him at the alter just weeks prior. Talk about something I would do! The hide under the table part, not dumping someone at the alter! Except I wouldn’t hide under a table at a restaurant because it seems too dirty and germy, but I would hide!

All the characters under the table talk about who they would not want to have walk through the door because of it would awkward and uncomfortable. It was either past girlfriends, someone they had made fun of in high school, or in one characters case it was her father.

I started thinking about who I would “hide under a table” to avoid. Two people came to mind. One is a woman I’ll call Renee. When we moved to Medford from Ashland we had them over a lot. They became pretty good friends. They were really fun to play games with and made us laugh so we hung out a lot. Unfortunelty, things started going south quickly.

To make a long story short the problems started with Renee and her husband making us dinner that I couldn’t eat because of my ulcer and left the kitchen a huge mess, the dinner involved cutting up veggies and they didn’t even throw away the remnants. Now that I write this years later it sounds petty, but seriously this was just the beginning. From there we just stopped clicking as friends and Renee kept coming on strong so we came up with excuses to stop seeing them. They finally got the hint that things weren’t working out. It led to a nasty Christmas Card a year later from Renee, making things even more uncomfortable. If I ran into Renee today I wouldn’t know how to explain how I acted years ago. I’m embarrassed by how the friendship ended but at the same time I had to get out of the friendship. I felt taken advantage of more than once and just didn’t feel like it was a good thing for me to be apart of. I hadn’t had that kind of thing happen before and I haven’t had it happen since, it was just a weird friendship that wasn’t good for me.

The other person I would avoid, and in fact have avoided by turning around and walking the other way is an ex-boyfriend. Mind you we are on speaking terms, well emailing terms. But he was a very serious boyfriend that while the relationship didn’t ended badly it was definitely a very sad, depressing breakup on both ends, we jus didn’t want the same things and both had a hard time admitting and accepting it. When I ended the relationship and told him I was moving back to Oregon, from Utah, his words were, "I'll help you pack and drive you home." Now he has a new girlfriend, somewhat serious, and I think that if I saw them around town I would hide under a table to avoid saying hi. I'm just not there yet.

I’m realizing if I ran into either one of these people I would have to conquer my fear of saying hi and actually confront them. Wish me luck!
Confession time:
Who would you “hide under a table” to avoid?


Mrs. B said...

How funny - I've never watched that show (competes with too many of J's favorites), but he did watch that episode for a few minutes, and I was thinking the same thing about how unappetizing it would be under a restaurant table! Also how only their upper halves were inconspicuous under the table.

Who would I avoid? One of my college roommates. I'm pretty sure she'd avoid me too. It was a rough, rough semester.

You'd think I'd try to avoid the public librarian I barked at last summer, but I never remember I did it until he's already helping me out, so then I just try to be extra nice, in case HE remembers.

Oh yeah, and that guy I asked out to Girls' Preference at college in an awkward, stalkerish sort of way. He accepted and came, but never called again, and word got back about how weird he thought it was. Good times.

adventures in mommyland said...

I've actually overcome a "hiding under the table" person recenty. My daughter's biological father and I frequently bump into each other. I used to see him and run the other way... but now I can tolerate a friendly conversation. It took DH reminding me that he will never be apart of our lives again that got me to let go. Well... I guess I was YONFing before I committed to YONF! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hummm...I think I am an oddity. I tend to not shy away from people who have hurt me or made me feel uncomfortable. I am pretty good at faking my way through any animosity towards most others. In fact, I kinda love to see them squirm when I say Hi.

Here's one of my favorite quotes: -’A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.’

I find that being straight forward and happy about it(situation) alleviates the stress on my part anyways.

Did that make sense to any one else, oh well, it made perfect sense in my little head?!! :)

Bean said...

I can honestly say that there is no one I would want to hide from. On the other hand I'm sure there are people who might want to hide from me.

Mandi said...

Um am I allowed to leave a comment? I'm a follower but am I invading a group, lol? You can tell me to shut up, hee hee. Just wondering if "Renee" was the type of person to push too much "friendship" on you and be very overbearing.

Sadly for me there's no one that sticks out but several that I'd like to not see, but not enough to hide. Mainly involves old boyfriends.

Tana said...

I guess the YONF hasn't worked for me yet because I still act like I don't know someone or will walk the other direction. I will even do it if I'm not mad, just not wanting to talk. Sorry for anyone who feels ignored. I wish I didn't do that but sometimes I am turned around and walking the other direction before I even realize it. Opps. I'm a bad person. I know this and I've accepted it.

Megan said...

I would hide from a previous co-worker that I had "words" with before I left that job. It was awkward when it happened, and it would be even more awkward now!

Anonymous said...

I like that show, too. That under the table scene reminds me of the one in What's Up Doc? Love that, too. I tend to have certain days where I just want to avoid certain people who tick me off and I don't want to get into with them. So I won't answer the phone or return a call etc til another time. Lately it's more like I avoid certain topics, especially if it's an area that I think is more private or an area where I think things are kind of sour but I don't want to share but don't want to lie about either. Did any of that make sense?

Jill said...

a boyfriend from high school. The only time I was the dumpee instead of the dumper. And he dumped me for someone considerably lower than me on the "cool ladder." Or so I thought at the time. We have lots of mutual friends who I've kept in touch with but the thought of seeing him again makes me a little nauseous. Help. 20 year reunion is next summer!