Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My wonderful, resourceful, timely, FANTASTIC mother just emailed me Aunt Beaner's garbage letter!

Browning-Ferris Industries
1955 Oakland Road
San Jose CA

Dear Sanitation Engineer,

We never are sure just what time you will come,
So just to make sure, we were up with the sun.
(As a matter of fact, it was sometime before.
We beat the old sun by an hour or more.)

'Twas chilly, of course, for we'd turned down the heat.
But dauntless, we put shoes and socks on our feet.
(Or he did, at least, it was his turn this week,
I pulled up the covers and went back to sleep.)

Or tried to; you see, it was awfully hard
With garbage banging around in the yard.
After he'd set them all out, one by one,
He know that the job, although cold, was well done.

I sent him to work, and the kids off to school.
(We do this on Wednesday, each week, as a rule.)
The cans on the street, we gave nary a thought,
We knew you would take them...Alas! You did not.

The truck came and went, yes, to everyone else's;
The Campbells, the Paces, but not to ourselves's.
Their can were all empty, their refuse was gone.
Our cans were full (and they'd been there since dawn)!

They were not too heavy. I tested them, sure.
I lifted them easy, as light as they were.
With only two houses this side of the street,
Why did you leave out our garbage this week?


(Mrs. B's Aunt Beaner)