Sunday, May 24, 2009

Introducing Laura

Note: Today (Monday) is Laura's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!!

From Mrs. B: Meet Laura! First of all, she's super speedy and was the first profile in. Second of all, I've know Laura all of my life (well, all of hers. Because she's younger), and I can prove it, too:

See? (She's on the right, but you didn't hear that from me.)

Laura and I share the same excellent heritage. Don't you think cousins are one of life's best relationships? They're like bonus siblings, but without the history of hair-pulling and dumping-cups-of-cold-water-over-the-shower-curtain-rod. (Why does that stunt still make me snicker?)

One of my favorite things about Laura IS her fearlessness. She's always trying new things, and pushing herself further once she gets them down. She's also not afraid to let some of her struggles show, which freqently inspires me to conquer things I'd rather hide. Don't you all wish she was your cousin too?

From YONF: I don't know Laura, but I can only imagine that since she is related to Mrs. B, she must be awesome! I don't have any cousins that I am close too, so it's neat to see the closeness between these two.

Name: Laura

Job: Pediatric nurse on a neurosurgery/intermediate care floor in Portland

Kids: As Ben put it so well, "So far we're not doing so hot."

Spouse: Married to the long suffering Ben for five years.

Last book I read: The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs

Dream Vacation: One of many is to go to NYC and ride the subway all day. I don't care about

any of the stuff above ground - except tasty food. I really just LOVE the subway.

Random thing: Everything I do seems to be random. I like to wear a cape and tiara (pictured below) at work. And people actually call me Your Highness.

Things I've been avoiding: (Can this be a list?) Marathon, ultramarathon, piecing a quilt that has triangles, knitting something that is not square or rectangle. Working in the pediatric ICU. Communication in general (I have issues with responding to emails and answering the phone.) A triathlon. Cleaning out my storage unit. Making sourdough bread. I think I could list a million things. I feel constantly hamstrung by my own stupid insecurities and my inability to get over them.

Craziest thing I've ever done: Two years ago Ben and I moved to Portland without jobs, having visited only once (three weeks beforehand to pick out an apartment). Luckily we really like it. Also, I started a Tae Kwon Do class a few weeks ago. (Really, I think that is crazier than the move to Portland.)


adventures in mommyland said...

Laura I SO have to meet you!! You are my kind of girl! :) Do you work at Doernbecher's? We've spent alot of time there!!
Thanks for sharing with all of us! :)

Laura said...

I do work at Doernbecher's! (And I'm sorry that you've spent a lot of time up here. . .)

Trina - Thanks for all the kind words! (I wish they were true. . .)

Mrs. B said...

All true Laura!! I forgot to add how Grandma used to brag on you when I would go out to visit her. It doesn't get any better than that!