Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Actually, the humorless receivers of overdue fines (fines on overdue books, not fines that are overdue) scare me a little.

Why we love going to the library (I'm breaking from our theme . . . I just wanted to share):

First stop: Hand stamps (you get to choose one of three ever-changing designs) from the friendly librarians!

No child can resist climbing into this guy's lap!

Children's courtyard - fully enclosed and easy to observe from the comfy couches!

Our favorite attraction: A plastic canvas dollhouse, made and donated by one Phyllis Pyle, and filled with mind-boggling, genius-inspired details! (A toothpaste cap for a lamp shade? I never would have thought of that!)

If you click these pictures, you can see the details better. The kids love trying to find new things we've missed before, and it holds their attention for a lovely chunk of time!

Oh yeah. And the books, which the kids love loading into their sweet library totes.


bestgrandkidsever said...

You totally would have thought of the toothpaste cap!

Julie said...

What a fun library! I like the kids play area and especially that it is enclosed. It must have been designed by a mother with small kids, unlike many of our parks with the play equipment so close to the street. :) We have a dollhouse at ours too. My favorite thing about it is all these different characters or props from stories that you can find in and around it. i think we discover ties to a new story/book every time we look at it.