Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food Storage and Gardening Fears!

Lately in my ward, (and maybe yours too?) there has been a lot of talk about provident living-food storage and creating a garden. A lot of families are taking it to heart. Two examples are Adventures in Mommyland and me!

Adventures in Mommyland shared with me recently that food storage is something she was afraid of. She is afraid of, "having to inventory it all, rotate, keep pests out, actually keep up with it all and know what I need to do and not get overwhelmed and not waste time and money." I completely agree!

I'm afraid of a garden! The thought of knowing what to plant and when, where to plant it. And I honestly kill every plant that I've ever been given. Except one by an uncle that I got when I got married and one from an ex-boyfriend, what is that saying? If the one from the wedding outlives the ex-boyfriend plant does that mean I made the right choice in who I married? Or that it's time to get another plant from my ex-boyfriend? What if the married plant dies first? It's been almost 6 years, I hope neither one dies! Anyway, so being apart of the provident living challenge in my ward my husband decided to plant a garden. I was terrified! However, he wouldn't let it pass so this week we got started. Our backyard is in complete disarray. It's finally getting its much needed makeover this spring. So we put tomatoes in buckets and hung them upside down. And we used gutters to plant strawberries on the fence! And they are beautiful! Hopefully with my husbands help we will have wonderful food to eat this summer!

Adventures in Mommyland and myself admit we aren't so afraid of these things just overwhelmed. But we also admit that once we got started we are excited!

So confession time: what is something you are afraid of or overwhelmed by that once you got started was actually exciting?


snowwhiteor said...

The first time I ever had to put together a wedding, was a bit overwhelming. But now, working on the 6th is much easier. I just pick off each task one by one and it all gets done early and it's really no stress at all! Some of the Brides give me a touch of stress, but that's a whole different story...:)

Mrs. B said...

I get overwhelmed easily (and then procrastinate), so this happens to me all the time. Painting the walls comes to mind! Also, having company over (I would do this a lot more often if we had quieter weekends). Excellent point - procrastinated projects are usually easier than I expected AND more fun! Is there any chance this will apply to a yard sale? (I'm dubious.)(Unless we rake in the dough. How can that not be fun?)

LCM said...

We had an Enrichment night with a lady at . She was scary! Basically all of our babies are going to starve while we watch in 2012 because we would rather dye our hair, do our nails and get fancy tires for our new SUVs. I felt better since I don't do any of those things, but I don't want people dying while I watch. I don't know how to do a garden down here at all. I am not even sure what grows when. But check out her website to help you.

Jill said...

Food Storage: A wise friend once told me to think of food storage as insurance. Buy it and don't worry about never using it -- just make sure you have it just in case. That helped me get over the stress of rotating, keeping inventory, etc. I just started buying stuff. Over the years I have naturally gotten better at actually using it and I know I'll be blessed for following the Prophet's counsel whether I become an expert in all the details or not.

Garden: I plant zucchini and tomatoes every year and haven't completely failed yet. They are hardy and forgiving. I've been nervous to try new veggies but I figure it's an inexpensive risk and the garden is in the backyard so no one will ever know if they don't work. Right!? You can do it!!!

Mrs. B said...

Jill, I love the insurance analogy!