Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Year of No Fear

So a few weeks ago in comments under my post, anonymous asked if I'm still doing the year of no fear. I must admit, I'm mostly out of things to do. There is nothing left, besides shooting a gun which terrifies me, that I can do, take a picture of and then blog about it. However, I'm constantly battling my inner fears. Social situations still freak me out. Going out in public with my two little ones and hoping they don't throw a fit I can't handle is a daily struggle. I'm fearful of getting pregnant again. I'm afraid of posting something on this blog and being made fun of or judged. I'm terrified on a daily basis of something happening to a family member. So how do I blog about those fears? Except to continue to go out in public, socialize with people I don't' know very well, and blog about inner feelings I have and just hope for the best.

So anonymous, I'm continuing the year of no fear just not writing about every little fear that I deal with everyday but continue to deal with on a daily basis.

Recently I heard about the new store in town called, "Real Deals." It's a new little home decor store in town. I really wanted to check it out, for something fun to do and hopefully to find a birthday present for my sister-in-law. However, since my parents are out of town the entire month of April, I knew I would have to take my two little ones with me to check it out. So I put the fear of having a toddler running around a store aside and took them both inside. Sure enough all attention was on us, which I hate, when my toddler touched something that created a domino effect and caused two mirrors to fall, amazingly nothing broke. So my fear is still alive about taking my two little ones anywhere by myself, see the daily fears?

So lately I've been feeling sorry for myself and been extremely busy, the reason why this post has taken me over 2 weeks to type and is 2 days later than scheduled. So in light of feeling sorry for myself I can't even come up with a confession except I hate being an adult sometimes. Why do you hate being an adult? There post is done!


Spence Family said...

How did exploiting my weakness's go during your creativity seminar thing? Oh and shooting a gun, not so bad at all. I used to be nervous but shooting a 22 is like shooting a BB gun... wait have you shot a BB gun? Start there. :)

Jacque said...

I am glad you are still doing the blog. I think overcoming fears is a lifelong process. I don't like being an adult when I have to defend my kids. Don't get me wrong, I have those whole mother hen...I'll peck your eyes out... instincts, but then comes in confrontation. I hate it and avoid it. Then I am not very good at it.
Hey if you run out of ideas, you could have a "guest" come share a fear. Not me though, 'cause that would be way too revealing.

snowwhiteor said...

Just call me Jacq, I'll defend your kids anytime!!

Mrs. B said...

My least favorite parts of adulthood: paying bills, hard decisions, guilt. Thank goodness there are perks like kids & Mr. B!!

Mickie, thanks for letting me use your experience! It went great, and illustrated the point beautifully.