Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm preparing a workshop that I've been asked to present this weekend at our Stake Women's Conference, and I'm feeling a little . . . .

Sooooo . . . . . want to help me out a bit?

The workshop is on Creativity, and not the Super Saturday kind. It's about the kind President Uchtdorf talks about here and here.

For example: "You may think you don’t have talents, but that is a false assumption, for we all have talents and gifts, every one of us. The bounds of creativity extend far beyond the limits of a canvas or a sheet of paper and do not require a brush, a pen, or the keys of a piano. Creation means bringing into existence something that did not exist before—colorful gardens, harmonious homes, family memories, flowing laughter."

I'm hoping to get some feedback in the comments to help me anticipate and direct the focus of the workshop. (Heck, I'll even toss in a giveaway of something CREATED by me to a randomly selected commenter! I don't know what yet . . . ask me next week. But it'll be good.)

Do you find yourself wishing you were more creative?

What do you think prevents you from attempting creative endeavors?

Does it ever make you feel inadequate, or are you content with where your interests lie?

Do you ever wish people would figure out that you ARE creative, just not in the typically recognized ways?

If you were going to attend a workshop on creativity, what would you be hoping to hear?

(Am I going about this all wrong? )

Anything else you want to share? Please comment, discuss, enlighten . . . . and soon! (I should have posted this waaaay before now.)



families are forever said...

Creativity in every day life: time savers, quick ideas that brighten others days, creativity in acts of service,
creative yet simple teaching ideas (lessons, fhe.,etc.)

smiles danette

Kathy said...

Creative scripture marking. A friend of mine developed a simple creative way to mark her scriptures that anyone can use. She draws hearts next to scriptures that touch her heart. Stars next to the important ones, and smilie faces next to ones that make her happy. I thought that was really creative, and so easy!

Mandi said...

If I were you (or me, hee hee) -- how about creativity on family memories, i.e., our family pictures? So many of us aren't into scrapbooking, including me, but there are so many other ways to preserve journals, keepsakes, our favorite photo's, gramma's recipes, etc.
As far as your creativity questions:
-I think what prevents me from creative endeavors is 1., personal time and 2., money, 'cause some things can get kinda pricey.

Also- are they any sisters in the ward who you know have really different hobbies?

marlaquin said...

Because you know me so well:

I don't usually wish I was more creative, unless I see something very clever, like Nienie's Easter baskets she just published - then I start feeling like a horrible mother for just throwing a t-shirt, some bubbles, and loose candy in some baskets I already had. So I think I would like an affirmation that there are all types of creativity, and we all excel at different types.

For instance, I am a great cook and I love to read all kinds of books. Most people wouldn't find that very creative, but both things are fulfilling to me. I would never cross the step of a crafts store, but I like to write in my journal.

I even have a friend who is amazing at entertaining children and making them laugh which I consider to be creative.

What about picking up the house?

So, I would love to hear ways to share talents and be creative that aren't typically discussed and feel strengthened that I'm doing a good job with some ideas for what I can do more.

Tana said...

I think that most people just aren't confident in their abilities. We can all be creative but not in the same way.

I went to a journaling class once at a Scrapbook Conference and I was amazed at how many different ways people approach the same problem.

I think showing the class that they just need to find out different ways of taking on a project or solving a problem is the best way to be creative. You don't have to know how to sew or write poems to teach YW's, so each person's talents are needed in everyway.

I have a copy of the handout from the class I took. I will find it and get it to you if you want.

And I want Cinnamon Rolls for my random prize! See! Creative Bribery!

Spence Family said...

I had to teach on this as well for RS though. I opened with this little snippet. It really invited the spirit.

Bean said...

I think you are a very creative person Mrs. B and you will do very well. Everyone has their own talents and are creative in different ways. I think it's important to take the time to figure out what your interested and just do it. The more you work at something the more you will grow. We all have hidden talents we just need to find them and then have the courage to share them with those around us.

Laura said...

I always assumed that I wasn't creative because I hate scrapbooking and I don't make cards and tolle painting gives me the heebie-jeebies.

But lately I've realized that being creative just means creating. Whether you are creating beautiful spaces in your home, creating laughter, creating music, creating food, creating peace, creating plants - it's all being creative.

Me personally? I like creating beautiful spaces.

Toria said...

I just planned an enrichment around this. We watched that little youtube video at the beginning that your other friend suggested.
1) I sometimes wish I would not be so AND with my creativity and really focus more on something that I could be really good at. You know?

Toria said...

uhh, I wasn't finished, I just couldn't remember the questions and was trying to get back to the blog page to read them.

Spence Family said...

Glad my sewing disaster came in handy :) I dont mind at all having my weaknesses exploited, although like I said someday it wont be a weakness thats the key!

jereeq said...

You silly ... it doesn't matter what you say or do, they will love you and be inspired!! You ARE just that kind of wonderful that the Spirit shines right through!! Love you!!

Julie said...

I don't know if this helps or not, but I used some of that talk along with the YW lesson manual 1 lesson 5 on finding joy in our Divine Potential not too long ago. I was asked to come in to the YW lesson with another individual and talk on this subject. I tied some of what I shared to this talk and some others. I liked the ideas that our divine potential is "one of creativity." (I found my rough notes but can't recall who said this.) I made the point that there is no limit to our potential and that what we create doesn't have to be perfect. That we improve through life and our trying and creating give us insights into ourselves, and to the other side. The world started with the creation and thus it continues. OUr greatest happiness is God's happiness which is brought about through creation and compassion. anyway I won't give you all my notes beacuse I'm sure you don't want that, but maybe those ideas will cause you to think of something else. Do you have the quote on creativity by Maya Anglou? I thought it was great and used that as well. I can post it if you'd like.

Julie said...

And to answer your questions:

Do you find yourself wishing you were more creative?
yes, but i'm realizing that my ideal and what my actual abilities are are not the same and I'm becoming okay with that on some things, if that makes sense. Like there is no way I'm a great painter, but i still find joy in doing it and I know it's not what defines me. other things of course i want to continue to improve upon.

What do you think prevents you from attempting creative endeavors?
Doing it "wrong" even if it is something that is so open on how it can be done or just plain sucking at it

Does it ever make you feel inadequate, or are you content with where your interests lie?
I'm getting there on some of the more crafty things. Soome of those things just aren't for me and others I do alright at, especially non-craft type things.

Do you ever wish people would figure out that you ARE creative, just not in the typically recognized ways?

If you were going to attend a workshop on creativity, what would you be hoping to hear?
We've discussed this with our sisters. I think many people want to know that it's okay not to be the crafty creative. And that you don't have to be the perfect woman, wife, mother, etc. and be like so-and-so sitting next to you. I think that's where it does tie in to our divine potential. Where and what we wanted to be as adults from a 12 year-olds point of view (mission, working, married, kids, etc.) and where we actually we are as adults (single, married,divorced, with/without kids, mission/no mission, etc.) and where the Lord wants us don't always match up and when we come to realize that it only matters that we are doing what the Lord has asked of us as an individual and that we are progressing on our own path, then can we realize how we have grown and progressed and be happy.

Sorry for the ramblings, but there are my thoughts for you. :)