Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

I'm neutral on April Fool's Day. Growing up my dad would turn off the hot water heater, EVERY YEAR. However, we still fell for it. I always try to come up with something funny to do but I don't know if I've ever been successful. One of my favorite April Fool's Day jokes was one my sister-in-law's friend did in college. She bought 100 gold fish and went to this guys house and filled each glass, bowl, sink, toilet, everything with fish. That seemed so clever to me.

I'm sad to report no one, not even my 8 year old who loves to pull pranks tried to do an April Fool's Joke on me. I called my husband earlier to let him know our bid got excepted for a job that he was very excited about. An hour later he calls me back and says are you sure so and so called and booked? He thought I was playing a joke on him! So that was the extent of my jokes, and it wasn't even a joke!

Too bad my dad wasn't in town to turn off the water!

So what fun jokes did you do today or had done on you? I need some good ideas for next year!


Tana said...

I pick my DD up after school and as we were driving, I told her that she needed to pack up what she could because I found a place to move and we had to go today. She said "But I have to finish my homework" I told her that homework didn't matter anymore cause she would be going to a new school too. She looked at me horrified. I couldn't keep a straight face anymore so I smiled and said "April Fool's". She hit me and said "I hate you". I don't think that was a joke. Oppss.

Mrs. B said...

I had way too much fun serving my kids surprises for breakfast and drawing mustaches on their faces while they slept!

Jacque said...

I am a dud. I actually don't like being tricked. I love, love, love surprises and I can't think of anything worse than a "just kidding" at the end of it. So I don't do anything to my kids and pray they don't prank me.
P.S. Your dad must be the one to blame for my water heater being off this morning. My husband was not a happy camper (he's a worrier) and so far no one is fessing up. I went w/o a shower and got no dishes or laundry done all day...mystery solved?!

Jill said...

We had a fun party a few years ago where we served meatloaf cupcakes with blue mashed potato frosting, pound cake with orange frosting inside (looked like grilled cheese) and Jell-O "punch" that doesn't come out when you tip the glass. It was a lot of fun but the kids we were serving weren't amused and we ended up ordering pizza.

I'm with Jacque -- I think most jokes are cruel and not funny (like no hot water!!?) -- or maybe that's just my excuse for having nothing fun to report for April Fools Day....

Anonymous said...

Are you still not fearing this year?