Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Profile #1 is on the way, but meanwhile (LOOK AWAY LCM!). . . .

You know what frightens me?


I know what you're thinking: That's disgusting. How do I make it?

Instructions here)

I couldn't resist giving it a shot. The kids were intrigued, but equally grossed out. Nobody ate theirs. (FYI, the Pita Dad was a huge hit.)

Culinary Adventures aside (wait, not totally aside. Have you tried out yet? A month's menu of easy dinners with weekly grocery lists you can print out. Hooray! Now it's aside), my current project is tackling all of the clutter that has crept stealthily into my house behind my back, and preparing it all for a yard sale.

I don't think I qualify as a pack rat, exactly, because I'm not much attached to 99% of it. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty sorting, I get a thrill out of hauling it all away and walking back into a clean, organized room. It just feels like such a huge project that I'd rather pretend it's not all sitting there, waiting for my personal attention. And so it grows.

Project number one was the coat-closet-of-death (you know, the avalanche closet from Looney Toons). We're all a lot safer opening that door now.

Then I took all the board games out of the three different cupboards they had shanghaied:

Would you believe that all but six of the board game boxes were mostly full of empty space under the plastic mold? And that every one of those games fit into a gallon ziploc bag? (Sans boards, which are now labeled and stacked together.)

So now, all of this:

Fits here:

I'm not saying it's the most convenient way to store them, but in this house, saving space trumps convenience. Game night, anyone?

Next, I tackled my sewing fabric, which had spread itself out like some kind of self-replicating organism. I rolled each piece up and rubber-banded them like you see them in fabric store remnant bins, and beat it all back into 2-shelf submission. (I would admit here that I also organized and whittled down my craft supplies and album-destined mementos, but my sisters would smack me for such shenanigans.)

Next up, the gigantic cupboard in the hallway. Towels, sheets, blankets, and whatever clothing got miscategorized when the kids were folding it. Then my closet, and the kids' closet, and on and on until the kids are afraid they're the next thing headed out the front door.

Should be fun.

So what big project are you procrastinating the tackling of?
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Savannah said...

Childbirth and being a mother for the first time!

Oh wait... I don't have any control over when I go into labor? So I'm not actually procrastinating it, but really anxiously awaiting the arrival of said event?

Okay! :)

Other than that, there are a myriad of tasks that need to be done around the house to "finish" it since we bought it and gutted it. ACK! Maybe I'll get some of it done while I'm home after the baby! haha

marlaquin said...

I am procrastinating making fun of you for this phrase:

"my craft supplies and album-destined momentos"

until we are over appetizers somewhere.

adventures in mommyland said...


Although I've been boasting about my packing skills I've been seriously procrastination packing certain things because I'm afraid I'll need them in the next 48 hours... silly huh?

But you've motivated me and today I'm going to FINISH!!

Jill said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Simplify Supper. It does as it promises.

I love organizing and am impressed by the beautiful new game closet. Are they stacked alphabetically? That's my favorite. And also the reason I've been accused of being "borderline OCD."

Mrs. B said...

You know Marla, I DID spellcheck and catch "momentos" last night, but somehow it didn't publish. (Because THAT'S what you're mocking, right?)

Jill, totally not alphabetized. I did make a list (including pictures)of what games we have. You'd love it, except I didn't alphabetize that either.

bestgrandkidsever said...

You've made your organizing mother's day! "A place for everything and everything in its place!"

Jacque said...

I am inspired! If I make a list of what I am procrastinating does that count as some sort of organization? I am going to log off and like Milli Vanilli said "Get up on it!!"

Mrs. B said...

You know, technically, they only mouthed it. HAR!

Tana said...

I am trying to watch an entire season of 24 before I move and lose my DVR recording. One more day and 8 episodes to go. Is that procrastinating or what?

LCM said...

Good call on the look away. I scrolled through looking for a snake and then kept coming back to the food. At first it intrigued me and then my stomach started bubbling, ugh.
Procrastination? I am not too good at that. I am happy, knock on wood, to say that I don't have any thing really hanging over my head. (don't throw anything at me) I just prefer to wade in and get it over with. So my psycho self can let me sleep at night.

Mrs. B said...

Savannah - home improvements with a new baby would be a joke in my world, but I could absolutely believe it of you!

Marla - if it's Gepetto's wontons, you can mock all you want.

Jenn - how in the world do you do it all? Your FB status updates are exhausting to read!

Mom - it had to come to this, or your barn would have become the place for everything that didn't fit in its place. See? Double gift to you!

Tana - how did it go? I cheated and watched the last 10 minutes of the last episode.

LCM - It STILL makes me a little nauseated to look at it, which made me procrastinate throwing away the leftovers. Curses.