Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adventure in Mommy Land

From Mrs. B: Yeah, yeah, I know, it's about time we got with the program. We've just been so busy enjoying summer - who has time to sit indoors and blog?

But since Independence Day is this weekend, it only seems appropriate to throw our own firecracker on the blog: Jenn. She's daring, funny, wild, and very involved in every worthy cause you've ever heard of. (Was that you I saw last week at the toenail trim-a-thon to benefit the rare albino groundhog?) She's also an expert on gluten-free cooking and has a bakery (operated from her newly purchased and under-photographed - ahem - home) to prove it. What's not to love?

From YONF: The funny thing about Jenn for me is she knows everyone. She knows people I went to high school with, my neighbor, people in different wards that I thought only I knew! The weirdest coincidence for me was when facebook said we had a mutual friend in common that was in the same stake as me growing up and we had mutual high school friends and Jenn knew her because she had dated the friend's brother. It's just amazing how many people Jenn knows!

Name: Jenn... I'm afraid of what you will nickname me!

Stats: 3 kids, and a husband. I own a gluten free bakery from my home and try to stay sane being a wife and mother.

Last book read: I'm currently reading "Admissions" Crazy story about new york private schools and the things parents will do to get their kids in them! It's HILARIOUS!! Very nanny diaries meets devil wears prada... recommend for light funny reading!

Dream vacation: I can not answer this question.... there are TOO many places!! I would say an around the world cruise with child care and private tutors available at all hours of the day and night. I would want to explore: Europe, Asia, South America, etc and share the joy of the culture with my family.

Blog: Do I have a blog? HELLO! Adventure's in Mommyland at I'm also a featured writter on the Modern Molly Mormon blog:

Random Fact: I'm allergic to seafood, beans and mayo... it's ok because I don't like any of those anyway!!

Things I avoid: Home-ownership which we are conquering right now!! It's a scary process and we're excited to be envolved in it... but BOY do I need a Dr. Pepper!

Craziest thing I've ever done: Since this is a clean blog I won't disclose that information.... besides.... if I told you I would have to kill you... or tickle you 'til you pee's... whichever was worse!


Tana said...

That is very much Jenn. She just moved to her new house and I found out it was right across the street from a guy I work with. She had already met him and I wasn't telling her anything she didn't already know! She knows everyone!

adventures in mommyland said...

ok I am SO FLATTERED right now! How did I not see this yet?! You guys are too cute! I love you both! :)