Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I've Been Up To

I love summer time. I'm starting to realize I get a lot more done during the summer than any other time of the year.

Lately I've been busy working on my fears, both new ones and repeating old ones. Here is what I've been up to:

  • Conquering my fear of driving long distances. I packed up the kids and took my mom to Eugene to meet my dad. We did great driving up there. My mom offerred to drive some of the way but I wanted to do it myself. The cause was I was so stressed out I must have gripped the steering wheel too tightly and caused major pain in my back, it's almost better 2 weeks later! Anyway, on the way back I was by myself with the kids. I'm proud to report we had a great visit and a ton of fun visiting family and I did it!
  • Donated blood again! Went today to the Stake Blood Drive. I almost walked out just before I was pricked in the finger but I surpressed the fear and survived another blood donation.
  • Made a friend dinner for her birthday. The reason why this is a fear is that without fail I always have issues happen when I try to do service and make someone dinner or have someone over for dinner (something bad always happens when the missionaries come over). Last week my husband invited someone over for dinner while his family was out of town. I was making dinner, everything was going great, then I dumped beans down the sink. It clogged up and I couldn't run the dishes or use the sink at all. So after finally realizing I had to fix the issue and some how not be grossed out by what was inside the pipes, I opened up the pipes under the sink. It was nasty! There were nasty, gross beans everywhere. I tried to get a bucket under the pipes in time but there was a massive explosion and there were beans everywhere! So, to help get over the fear of serving others with meals I took a meal to a friend and it ended up being delicious (at least it smelled like it would be.) I tried to simplify and not make the bread from scratch but buy it instead, maybe that helped in the success.
  • I filed my own taxes! I got a ton of help but it is done! (My accountant had filed an extension so no worries about gettinig in trouble.)

So I've been busy! I've really been enjoying the summer with having all the kids home. Yeah!

Confession Wednesday? My three older kids, ages 13, 11, and 9 want to go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. I'm on board for them seeing the movie but think they should go the next night around 7 or even 8 so they don't fall asleep during the movie but still enjoy the hype of seeing it newly released. What do you think?


Tana said...

I have taken Taryn to see all the midnight ones in recent years but I don't know if I can hang anymore. We went to Twilight and she was asleep and the next day at work for me, was awful!

adventures in mommyland said...

I'm going!! COME WITH ME!! :) (with or without the kiddos!)

LCM said...

First, I would never make it that long, but taking your kids to the midnight showing of anything is the type of thing they will always remember. So, it depends on if you can stay awake that night and the next day and how nice they have been to you lately! LOL.