Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have another Fear to Conquer

How far have you ever driven without your husband and just your kids? I'm embarrassed to admit the farthest I've gone is exit 71, yep 41 miles. Pathetic I know! When I lived in Provo my boyfriend lived in Salt Lake and I was driving back and forth constantly, through the snow, rain, late at night, early morning, everything! I didn't think much of it and enjoyed it. But now that I've got kids I'm fearful of driving far away with them. One time I had to follow my husband in my van all the way up to Salem, we had only three kids at the time. It was long and hard but I had him to follow so not such a big deal. But on the way back we got stuck in a snow storm and I would have freaked out if he hadn't been in front of me.

So anyway, a goal to conquer in part of my year of no fear is to take all the kids up to Eugene for a few days to play with aunts, uncles, cousins, and a grandma. We would have a blast and it's not even that far away! I'm a wimp, what can I say. But I know if I blog about my goal than Mrs. B. will make me do it. Thanks!


snowwhiteor said...

Oh goodness, you don't even want to know how far away I drive without a husband. Maybe I'm just to independent for my own good. But I used to throw my kids in the car with a days notice and drive 12-15 hours away. And that was back in the day before cell phones....again, goodness, get packed and have a great time in Eugene!!!

Mrs. B said...

I don't usually go very far with just the kids, because I tend to get drowsy without another adult to talk to. (I did take them to Oakland and Sonora, CA a couple of years ago. And followed J in a moving van for 2 days when we moved home.) But the kids are getting older (and making better conversation), so maybe we can start to venture farther!

Have a great trip! I promise to hold you to it. :)

marlaquin said...

That Mrs. B is so bossy.

Tana said...

Wow! All the way to exit 194? Have a great time. Wish I could pack up and drive with you. I love Eugene. I actually used to live there 10 years ago!

LCM said...

I just drove our young women 535 miles over 25 hours! That was definitely the longest and farthest I had ever driven without TD. I have to admit I was a bit nervous.
It really isn't that far and having tons of people to play with the kids would be great.

Jill said...

Go for it! If I never traveled without my husband, I'd never go anywhere! My longest trip was SLC to San Francisco, then up the coast to Medford. I can't remember how long it took or how far it was but it was fun to sing Sound of Music the entire way (the yodeling song) - their dad would have NEVER agreed to that!! Eugene is totally do-able. Have fun!!!!