Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Confession Wednesday: Board Games

My 13yo daughter and I went to a self-defense class at this fine establishment last week, along with several other women and teenaged girls from church. It was a fantastic presentation; I highly recommend it! (They do the class for free, but they accept donations made out to the Dunn House, a local shelter for abused women and children.)

It was a little out of my comfort zone when they had us line up and practice kicking targets held up by the instructors. I also felt just a little strange when I had to grab Mrs. V by the neck so she could practice getting away. (It's a slick move, but please warn me if you're about to throttle me so I can have a moment to remember exactly how it goes.)

They ended the class by having each of us kick a pine board in half, 3 kickers at a time, in front of the whole group. The proper stance requires you to stick your hip out at the kneeling male instructor (who may or may not be somebody you see on a regular basis because he's the father of your daughter's school friend).

The public call for grace, balance, and depth perception automatically activated my OhboyIthinkIhearmymothercalling reflex, but of course the Year of No Fear (as well as a few women in the group who know me too well) dictated that I not weasel out of it. So I didn't. I got it on Kick #2, after shaving my calf (it's ok, it needs shaving) on the edge of the board on Kick #1.

The board actually broke so easily that I suspect I was given a go-easy-on-her-and-give-her-the-pansy-board board. Good call.

In other news, I ate a portion-cupful of Jelly Bellies while driving a few nights ago. See how I'm living on the edge? See?

(Because ambiguously-colored candies are a risky move even in daylight. It's like Buddy and the Jack-in-the-Boxes on Elf, except with flavors.)

FYI: Among other flavors, there were 2 licorice, 3 coffee, and 2 tastes-like-what-electrical-fire-smells-like in one tiny cupful. GROSS! Thank goodness they don't make cilantro ones yet.

When is the last time you were out of your comfort zone, and what did you do about it?


Tana said...

I love that you tell us all your out of comfort stories.

I recently started saying what I think instead of being tactful at work. It is a bit out of my comfort zone and I didn't use sarcasm either. When I know someone is lying or trying to manipulate the situation, I call them on it. I'm not taking anyones crap anymore. I will let you know if it's working later. When I need a new job!

Year of no Fear said...

Accepting help or announcing I need help is way out of my comfort zone. But today I did it! I've got an ulcer that shows its ugly face every now and then and today was one of them. So instead of trying to make it through the day with all the kids home, I accepted help from my mom by having my little girl go to her house to play, a ride for another daughter to activity days, and a ride to scouts for my son. I hate accepting help but with my husband away and all the kids home I decided since people were offering I would take them up on it. Normally I would brush people off and say I'm fine and can handle it, but today is all about pushing the comfort zone. Thanks Mrs. B!

Jacque said...

Sat in the front row at Chorale rehearsal on Monday.. Yikes! Someone might hear me! (normally a back row Joe) and a lady sat next to me who gets paid to sing... a lot.
Small grin when I got a few notes that she didn't.
Am I evil?

Laura said...

I coordinated and ran a meeting in which nurses (including me) brought grievances to my boss and told her what she should be doing better. (Along with my boss's boss.) Can we say terrifying and awkward?

But, it went well in the end and I'm glad I did it. Although I think I sweated through every piece of clothing I was wearing.

Mrs. B said...

Tana, keep us updated! I'm horrible at speaking up when I know I should.

Yonf, call me next time!

Jacque, you're only evil if you grin AT her.

Laura - had I been in your shoes, you'd have found me in the fetal position under my bed. Way to go!