Monday, February 2, 2009

For Adventures in Mommyland

This is for you! We didn't think we would be missed! So, I love getting out of town, whether it is for the day or even a few weeks. I love it! This weekend we packed everyone up, sent the dog off to my parents and headed up to Springfield for a nephew's blessing. Blessings are so great. Especially this one, the parents have been waiting for 7 years to have a baby to bless. The baby's mommy is really one of my favorite people. However, we have had our differences in the past few years. She didn't like the way I am raising my kids. I would try to remember that since she doesn't have kids she really doesn't understand that when they are disobeying and break something that is both expensive and full of sentimental value, the typical mother reaction is to be angry. So we have had our differences. She wouldn't be rude to me but we just were close. But instead of not remaining close to her and not putting out an effort when she had her new baby, I decided to hit this head on and kill her with kindness. After the baby was born we went up for the day to meet him. Then I made him a blanket and booties. Then we decided to head up for the weekend. And I'm proud to report it worked! I felt the closeness returning this weekend. She asked my advice on her baby, she shared things with me that were personal, and we had a lot of really good talks. So lesson learned this weekend, when it is easier and non fearful to ignore someone and give into a relationship falling apart, step up and fight to save a relationship that is definitely worth saving! So Confession Wednesday (on Monday-just a few days late), have you ever worked on saving a relationship instead of just letting it slip on by and disappearing? Adventures in Mommyland, I'll be anxiously awaiting your comment!


adventures in mommyland said...

I feel loved!! :)
I recently had this same type of relationship "slippage" but it was quite a bit more close to home... as in, in my home... with no details being shared I'm happy to say that because I stuck to my guns and made the effort instead of letting go by on the wayside the relationship is back to tip-top shape.
Glad you're back girls!! I missed you! :)

Tana said...

I have good friends from growing up and I have let some of those go by the wayside. I have good reasons, I think. I just want to surround myself with people that enrich my life and hopefully I can enrich theirs.

LCM said...

Holy cow. I haven't had time to come up with an example but when I went to leave the word verification was cringes and now it's something that looks like cool it. Is blogger trying to speak?
Okay, I have the reverse example. I have let a few relationships slip to help me with my sanity and I am a happier person for it.