Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amazingly Things Get Easier

Throughout my year of no fear I've realized that things get easier the more I do them. Two examples for you, one, Mrs. B. hates having people over and yet at a lunch get together on Friday someone made the comment to me, "For as much as Mrs. B. hates having people over she sure does it a lot." So true! Mrs. B. has been on fire lately getting over this fear.

Example two involves me. My hubby and I don't do well apart. He hates being away from the family, brings up a lot of lonely memories for him. I hate having him away, it's hard to be a single parent but also scary at night. Due to jobs recently that have taken him out of the city for work, I've been home alone with the kids more in the last 2 months then in all our years of marriage combined. In November Hubby went to Lakeview for 5 full days. Things went well, the kids were great and we got a lot done. Hubby has now been gone three days, scheduled to return within the next hour, and it's been harder with the kids. But we survived! Something I use to dread and struggle with is now easier since I've had to do it more often. Plus the kids are figuring out that it's different around here and did the dishes today without being asked!

What have you learned is easier to do the more you do it?


Mrs. B said...

Just so we're clear . . . I love the people that come over. It's the fear that my house will never be clean enough that gets to me!

Being spouseless at night used to terrify me, but we spent many of the first 11 years of marriage being supported by night shift work. Thank heavens he has a day job these days, but I look forward to it just a little when he goes camping with the scouts because I've come to enjoy some (but not too much) time to myself. (Except when I get spooked.)(Then I wake up one of the kids to keep me company.)

Does this mean it's time for us to donate blood again?

You know what DOESN'T fall in the easer-the-more-you-do-it category? Laundry. It will forever be my nemesis.

Tana said...

When I was younger, I did the whole Speech and Debate thing. Then I moved to a town where I wasn't welcomed and also told I did quite have what it took to make their Debate Team. So I lost confidence in my skills to discuss a topic intelligently. Although I don't mind sharing my opinion with don't like to share with someone who may not understand what I am saying. I have done this more and more, over the last couple of years. It's not getting easier but I am learning more about my self and my opinions.

Mandi said...

LOL I too must say that I quietly complain to the hubby that I hate having people over but somehow am constantly planning something or another.
I too don't like to sleep alone. The house makes far too many noises, only when the hubby's out of town. And then we moved to Houston, and in the first month he was gone probably 25 days out of the 30. That was rough. But nothing's been as bad for me as moving to a new place all by myself and little little kidlets.

Jacque said...

I am a friendly person, but have a very hard time introducing myself to people. Those icebreaking situations are really hard for me and I have to psych myself up. I am trying to be the first to do things like that.

Meg said...

I think there are a lot of things that get easier the more I do them. Going to the gym and teaching the beehives are a few things that have gotten easier for me over time. There are a lot of things that I've been afraid of over the years, but have been able to conquer through repetition!

LCM said...

Going to the dentist, sadly enough. The more I go, the less problems there are, the less scary it is.
Oh and when TD used to go out of town I would have the girls sleep with me and put a chair under the doorknob of my bedroom. I would explain to Buttercup that I was worried Fiona would go and wander out in the middle of the night. Yeah, right.