Saturday, January 17, 2009

Four pounds of powdered sugar later . . . .

If you haven't heard, there is a blog out there called Cake Wrecks that posts hilarious mis-creations of professional cake decorators (or wreck-erators, as they're affectionately referred to.) Totally fun to read! (She keeps it pretty clean, but the commentary, on occasion, leans a tad PG-13. Just so you know.) Sadly, our local grocery stores all decorate conservatively and with skill, and I haven't had the pleasure of submitting a wreck.

On Sundays, she posts "Sunday Sweets," which are cakes done to perfection. Like this one:

So after seeing weeks upon weeks of pretty fondant cakes, and since my good friend Ms. C was having a birthday, I was inspired to give fondant a try myself. This doesn't really qualify as a YONF, since I have a fantastic relationships with cakes. But it was something new for me, and I did serve the cake at a large social gathering in my own home, so there you go.

Attempt #1: The fact that Crisco was an ingredient should have tipped me off. Greasy, shiny, gross . . . even the kids wouldn't eat it.

Attempt #2: I called lovely Mrs. G, since she had mentioned that her 10-year-old daughter makes a good fondant. She readily shared the recipe. (Upon which MY 10yo daughter said, "Oh yeah! I've made that with Little Miss G!" You'd think she'd have stopped me at the Crisco.)

(Ok, she did stop me when I started to make white marshmallow fondant for bee wings, and pointed out to me that I could just use marshmallows. Clearly she's the brains behind the operation.)

It worked much better, but I apparently need to tweak the consistency, since my little fondant bees (the birthday girl is a beekeeper) were clinging to their hive for dear life, despite being quadruple-impaled with angel hair pasta.

Hoping to spare them, I put the cake in the refrigerator, which turned out to be a bad idea when I took it out the next day and the condensation on the cold cake made it all shiny and sticky. Lesson learned. (It did warm up and dry off eventually.)

So there it is. I'm a little proud, even though I'm certain I could have passed it off as the work of a 10-year-old (which I contemplated briefly).

Happy, Happy Birthday Ms. C!!!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. H is impressed!! And it just so happens she has a birthday coming up!!

Bean said...

I love it! It looks so good!! I know I wouldn't be able to do that. I have a birthday coming up in April. Great job!

LCM said...

Way Cute!
PS Thanks for getting the snakey off the scream, I mean screen.

Tana said...

Really good job. Was it good?

adventures in mommyland said...

great job!! I'm impressed!