Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again---Girls Camp

A few weeks ago was Girls Camp. Just like last year I didn't go, it's just not my thing.

However, every year when Girls' Camp time hits I like to reflect on my years there. I like to think about the wonderful girls there that I looked up to. They were beautiful and kind and were so nice to always include me. Maybe that is why today when I talk to the sisters or mothers of these girls I think of them in such fondness because they were so incredibly nice to me when I was up there. They became sisters almost, including me and making me feel good about myself.

I also had some fun memories of Girls' Camp. I had a crazy/fun friend that decided my fourth year at girls' camp that I needed a visit. I was visiting my mom in her cabin, talking away when someone approached me and said I had a visitor. She had a look of concern on her face. I walked down to the parking lot wondering what was going on. I then see my crazy/fun friend and two boys! One was the friend of the other and we were each interested in one of them. We talked for a bit but I could see the eyes of many disapproving adults. But what was I to do? I was shocked they had come and didn't really know how to get out of the situation. It was the talk of the camp! Attention brought on me that made me uncomfortable. But I will never forget my special visitors. Not much later when I returned home one of the said boys became my long term boyfriend. He is in fact getting married this weekend, but that is a post for another day.

So while Mrs. B and my eldest daughter were up braving the elements, I went with my extended family to the coast. And we had a lovely time! I enjoy my family, much more than a bunch of hormonal girls. I always have. However, my family is starting to include a hormonal girl that was in absolute tears and hysterics when a younger sister used her toothbrush recently. Maybe I can just move to the coast......they don't have hormonal girls there right?

So can anyone convince me I should attempt Girls' Camp again some day?
What is the draw that makes you go back again and again?
What is your fondest memory?


Tana said...

I just got back and I agree that it brings back fun memories. When I am sitting at camp with Grace and Annie and I remember going with their mother. I don't think the cabins have ever changed and I still have dirt under my toenails but it was fun and it is worth going.