Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'll see to the ink-spotted clothes later . . .

I have a new favorite household gadget . . . any pen that DOESN'T go through the laundry.

FYI, nail polish remover worked better than rubbing alcohol or magic eraser (although flammable fluids are perhaps not a good idea if you have a gas dryer), but still took two hours of active scrubbing, during which time it suddenly occurred to me that the wording of my last post made it sound like playing with my sister and nieces was the price I had to pay to see my nephew. That's not what I meant at all!

You'd think that would teach me not to post so late at night when my mental capacity is impaired, but then you'd check the timestamp of this post and you'd be wrong.

Just to be clear, ALL of the company was my favorite part of the trip, and I would brave even scarier things than airplanes (like 8-hour drives alone with 4 children) to hang out with them again.

Feel free to spell- and grammer-check that for me.


Savannah said...

Yikes! What a nightmare! In case you didnt know, really cheap hairspray (like aquanet) usually will take out ball point pen from clothing! good luck!

Year of no Fear said...

We had this happen to us twice! We probably ruined 8 items of clothing and once they go through the dryer with a pen there is no amount of hairspray in the world that will get it out! I never did clean the inside of my dryer out. It never rubbed off on clothes so I just have a beautifully stained blue dryer.

Tana said...

I would have gotten another dryer. Or only wear blue clothes.

marlaquin said...

Hey, no worries. My self esteem is too high to be unintentionally damaged by a well meaning sister. Maybe that's my ego?

Also, you have been truth checked by Jane several times already. So if you don't come you will ruin her trust in all of humanity.

adventures in mommyland said...

I'm telling you.. oxyclean! It is the laundry nectar of the Gods! :)