Monday, March 16, 2009


There are two things I've recently overheard that had me laughing hysterically.

One was when I took all five kids to the mall by myself. I had the two little ones in a double stroller and as we walked by a woman and her dad? I heard her say, "Oh, another thing about Utah was I never saw anyone with a single stoller, only double strollers." Mind you I don't live in Utah. But what a funny generalization.

The second thing that really had me laughing was hearing my two older girls talking in the kitchen. My 10 year old as she is drawing a picture of a bird says to my 12 year old, "Do you know how to draw a cannery ?" 12 year old says, "I don't know what a cannery is." In complete awe and yet with some disgust that her sister doesn't know what a cannery is the 10 year old says, "You don't know what a cannery is? I've known what a cannery is since I was 6 years old." All of a sudden the 8 year old boy pipes up, "Don't you mean a canary?" Needless to say the 10 year old didn't find this funny. But the rest of us did.

The other funny of the week was while I was on the computer the other night. I almost decided not to post this since I don't find potty humor funny and I don't want anyone to judge me since I laughed so hard I was crying, it didn't help that my husband rewound this about 15 times and I laughed each time. But since this is a my year of no fear blog I decided to go ahead so judge me for laughing so hard that my stomach hurt and I had to wipe my eyes to clear away the tears. So anyway, I tried to find the video online but I can't so hopefully my description will do some justice. My head was down reading something on the laptop so this is what I heard in the background, "Dwayne and Ian were ready to let it rip." Then the sound of a chainsaw. Anyway, not paying attention I took the sound to be something else.

So those are my laughs, there have been many more, it's been a really funny week! What did you overhear that made you laugh?


snowwhiteor said...

My daughter was visiting last week with her two little kids. As we were driving in the car her 3 year old kept saying mom, mom, mom. My daughter, a bit exasperated asked if I was going to answer him? I smiled because I was NOT his mom. We all got a good laugh at that little realization!!

Mrs. B said...

I just got back from 2 days traveling with Mr. B and child #4, and we had lots of laughs!

Overheard on the phone with Jill recently (made me laugh!): "Hey, can you look on my dresser and take the thing and the other thing that I can't say because of the person?"

Tana said...

"Quit whining and get up"

in a whine "But, I'm in despair"

said by Joseph in the CMTO play.

Felt by everyone by 11pm later that night.

Jill said...

Thanks for the laugh Mrs. B...I'm laying in bed, reading your blog....the fact that you choose to quote this highly intelligent-sounding line has me in hysterics....causing the 2-year-old laying next to me to repeatedly pat my arm and say "it's okay mom." Laughing so hard I'm crying....

susette said...

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Julie said...

haha Too funny! I can't think of anything funny I've heard lately, but earlier I got on Walmart's site to see if they had a kid dvd that my kids have enjoyed that we had checked out at the library. It's mostly just songs and illustrated pictures, but it's not rated so when I went to add it to my cart I had to hit the agree button stating that I was over 17 and knew that its having a NR rating it might contain unsuitable content. ha ha A kid dvd? Yeah right. It's made by scholastic. Pretty safe there.

Bean said...

Golloum,that is so funny!