Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Thursday

This sweet nephew:

was totally worth four airline flights in four days. I told my sister that I was sure he'd be approved as a carry-on for the return trip, but she wouldn't let me take him. She also says I'm one unattended infant away from becoming a baby snatcher. I have no idea what she's talking about.

It was also worth playing with my sister, and my two adorable nieces, who made me promise about 65 times to "Come back in the summer with ALL your kids and go swimming." The girls were also very skeptical of my ability to drive ("Are you SURE you know how to drive??") and whether or not I could navigate their home town ("Are we lost? I think we're lost. Maybe you should go that way. Did you check the map?") But they made up for their lack of faith by showering me with drawing after drawing of me in fancy dresses.

It was a short trip, but I got to come home to Mr. B, four happy children, and this steal of a Kohl's sale bargain

waiting on my doorstep. It's a steam mop, and I'm in love with it.
For lack of a better question (which is for lack of coherent thought at the current hour), what is your favorite housekeeping/kitchen/convenience gadget?


Laura said...

My dishwasher. I do a little dance and sing a song EVERY time I hook it up to my sink and run it. (It's one of those ones on wheels.)

I love my dishwasher.

adventures in mommyland said...

I have a shark steam mop that I love!! But ultimately my favorite appliance is my professional kitchenaid mixer... business would be NOT FUN without it!

Julie said...

Lately it's my kitchen shears. Why did I wait like seven years before I bought a pair? They're great. There's something about just snipping everything up that makes life easier. Not to mention the stress relief. Small thing I know, but i've been loving them.

Beth said...

I love my washing machine though I HATE HATE HATE laundry.

BUT I have been wanting to buy a Shark or some other type of steam mop for a while, but didn't know anyone who owned one and wanted to know if it was worth it. So you think its worth buying one?

bestgrandkidsever said...

My husband.

Year of no Fear said...

I've been all about the mini lately. The mini spatulas and mini whisks. I love them!

Mrs. B said...

Beth, at the risk of sounding a little fanatical, YES! When I walk on my floor barefoot, I can tell whether it was wet-mopped or steam mopped, and the steam-mopped feels SO much cleaner. Plus, no scrubbing! Everything steams right off.

BTW - I owe my love of the mop to Jill and Sunni.

Jill said...

I love my steam mop too!!! I'm so glad yours has arrived and hope it gives you many years of shiny clean floors!!!

My favorite gadget? The Magic Bullet - yes, the one from the midnight infomercial. It's amazing!