Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Confession Wednesday: "We have reached cruising altitude. You may now pry your fingernails off the armrests and stop screaming."

I'm going to close out this particular Year of No Fear by flying. In an airplane. (Shudder.)

(Technically this isn't a true Yonf, because I've done it before, but I REALLY, REALLY would rather avoid it.)

I know, I know, flying is much safer than driving, yadda, yadda, yadda . . . I just can't seem to get past the fact that if my car breaks down or leaves the road or is side-swiped by another vehicle, I still get a fighting chance. In an airplane? It's all over.

But I love my sisters enough to brave the terrifying skies so I can be with them for their respective big days.

Dear Mr. B, If I don't make it back, please don't marry anybody prettier or skinnier than me. Or anybody that keeps up with the laundry. Or the dishes. In fact, just don't marry anybody. Love, Mrs. B.

Are you afraid of anything that doesn't seem to bother anyone else?


Laura said...

I obsess about what I would do if Ben was brain-injured and dependent upon a ventilator for life.

Seriously. (Oh, and I'd pull the plug, and probably a little bit too early. Ben is fully aware of this.)

Mandi said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is terrified of flying in an airplane, and what's worse, I flew a lot when I was young and it didn't affect me at all, and now that I'm an adult I have a panic attack each and every time we take off. This is not good for someone who lives so far from home.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if I wasn't this religion I'd knock back a couple before boarding.

snowwhiteor said...

I read your question to Harvey, then I commented that I don't think I have an unreasonable fear of anything. He promptly started to laugh, and asked if I remembered the hour and a half I spent on a chair in the Living room, because there was a mouse on the floor. He reminded me I stayed on that chair until he went to the store, bought a trap, caught the mouse and disposed of it. He then said, "that seems a bit unreasonable, what was that tiny little mouse going to do to you?"

Whatever, mice are much scarier than flying, aren't they?

Savannah said...

I'm pretty much paranoid... I try not to be... but according to my lovely husband I am completely and unavoidably paranoid. Especially about "bad guys". I'm terrified of all those "bad guys" out there, just waiting to rob my poorly furnished house... of course, only after they hijack my car (while I'm driving it) threaten to kill me, etc. etc.
I'm okay if someone else is in the house, but on game nights where Adam is gone and I have to go to bed? All the lights are on in the house and a handgun is on the table next to me... (And yes, that will have to change once Paco is born) But be warned: don't scare me late at night!

LCM said...

I can't even watch snakes on TV...and we moved to Texas.
As for the plane travel, you know what helps me? TD is such a scatterbrained driver that I am excited to sit down and be transported by a certified professional while reading a big stack of books. One of my favorite times was when I was flying to meet TD in Hawaii and I had a backpack full of books and no one to bother me.

Tana said...

I don't think I have unreasonable fear of anything. I really hate being wrong and I will fight anyone to the death to prove that I am right and I will search the world over to make sure that everyone knows I am right, even if I might be a tiny bit wrong. But I don't find anything unreasonable about this. Right?

adventures in mommyland said...

My biggest fear in life is losing my husband. I don't think it's unreasonable but I'm a bit paranoid about certain things. When he leaves to go on a long bike ride I tell him he has to have his phone and his ID... so if they are prying him off the pavement I can be notified ASAP. I also won't leave the house without a kiss... I think that would be a huge regret! I may want to kill him at that very moment but will kiss the butthead before I walk out the door.

Mrs. B said...

Laura - Why do things like brain injuries always seem so iminent and worthy of concern in the middle of the night?

Mandi - Same here! It never bothered me before motherhood! Do you think the drinks would qualify as medicinal?

SnowhiteOr - Please tell me he took pictures?

Savannah - I'm just wondering whether Adam announces his post-gaming arrival loudly at the front door, or wears a kevlar vest home?

LCM - Your trip to Hawaii sounds like a dream. I wonder if a good book could take my mind off of hurtling over the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean?

Tana - wrong! (HAR!)

Jenn - Good policy. I used to worry every time my husband went jogging without proper ID!