Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just wanted to say I really appreciated all of the thoughtful comments on the whole Christmas letter issue. My mind was finally made up by this:

(That's not my mechanic or my car, but that's exactly how my mechanic was looking at my car when I was wishing I had a camera with me earlier this week. My dad, who was with me, had a camera phone, but it refused to operate. In fact it has only taken one picture ever: of my handsome husband. My theory is that the camera feels it can do no better, and refuses to put up with inferior subject matter.)

Anyhoo, to those of you who wished for me to stamp my season's greeting, thank you for sacrificing so I can have power steering and fuel pressure back.

Also, Christmas Project night was OODLES of fun! I've mentioned before that I hesitate to invite people over because it sends me into a VERY uncharacteristic OCD cleaning frenzy.

Once, years ago, I was frantically cleaning house prior to a visit from my parents. My across-the-street neighbor called me and said, "I can see you through the window. You're cleaning your toaster?? Your parents' love for you will NOT be affected by the state of your toaster, which quite frankly is easier to replace than to clean. STOP IT NOW!"

(JQ, I miss you.)

So I'm just here to report that yesterday I did NOT freak out, did NOT deep-clean, and even went to a *movie yesterday afternoon, leaving myself less than an hour to finish preparing. (I DID have to force myself not to think about the appearance of my carpet, the cleaning of which has also been sacrificed to recent automotive events.) Thanks to all that came - I thoroughly enjoyed each of you!

Highlights included:

  • Watching Staci & Jenn wrap and transport this gift without tearing any paper

  • Having my cinnamon rolls compared to Krispy Kreme donuts. (Jerilyn, do you remember the time you wrote a news story for the high school paper, and "donuts" got misprinted as "dobuts?" It still makes me giggle.)
  • 6 layers of 3 different colors of paint that all dried to the same color as the vinyl waiting to be applied to the board.
  • Really, all of it!!

* The movie, after much pleading from our resident 12-year-old, was Twilight. What a mother won't do . . .

Now I'm off to Michael's to buy more paint!


adventures in mommyland said...

you had to post that picture! I had such a good time! Thank you so much for the invitation and the wonderful evening!!
And by the way... your cinnamon rolls are WAY worth the stomach ache! I WANT MORE! :p

Tana said...

Cinnamon rolls are the best in the world. Sorry about the paint colors. I had a blast. You have great friends!

Jill said...

That color of vinyl would look awesome on black paint - of which I have plenty. Want some?

P.S. Your cinnamon rolls ROCK!