Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Annual Christmas Ornament Exchange

I have previously mentioned a popular ornament exchange here in town that I avoided for years. The pressure was too great-bring a beautiful ornament wrapped perfectly that everyone will want. I had a friend one year who brought an ornament and was very embarrassed when some comments were made reguarding the size and color of the ornament. So out of fear I never went to this party. Fears of the party-bringing an ornament, people I don't know, attention on me when I pick an ornament, and worrying that somehow I would make a fool out of myself. Last year as part of my year of no fear, I went to the ornament exchange with Mrs. B. I spent a few weeks finding the perfect ornament and trying out a bunch of different recipes to bring, which led me to try these fabulous s'more brownies (to die for but I decided they were too messy for the event). I ended up taking a great wooden angel and swedish meatballs. I had a fabulous time! I had a great ornament that was well received, not knowing many people wasn't a big deal, attention on me was minimal when picking a very popular ornament when it was my turn and no big deal, and I didn't embarrass myself, not even once. I vowed to go back the next year.

Here is the ornament I got last year (it even lights up):

2008 Ornament exchange rolls around and I decide my mom needs to come (not to hold my hand! Just for fun!) so I go twice-once in the afternoon and once at night. I used my mom as an excuse to go twice, but really I wanted to go twice. What happened!? I was no longer afraid of something that I was afraid of for so many years, instead I was excited and anxious and I will even admit I had a hard time sleeping the night before because I was so exited! And this year the ornament exchange didn't let me down. I had the best time!

Here are some pictures of the ornaments I got this year:

So the moral of my story is I'm so grateful that I decided not to let fear win last year and that I attended the ornament exchange and attended this year too!
Is there any other holiday parties you look forward too each year?


snowwhiteor said...

cking out great ornaments never really bugged me...if you can't find one YOU like, just pick out a big plastic red ball!!

adventures in mommyland said...

I loved that you were there! It was my first year this year and it was a blast! I've had the same feelings as you and have no gone before but will be going back next year. :)

Julie said...

HOw fun! Wish I was there. I'd love to go, too. NIce ornaments!

Jacque said...

Oh yeah, you're the one who stole the snowman that lights up from me...grrr! J/k I am sure the one I ended up with was cute...although it will always be the one that got away.....

Christy said...

You know, you only have that ornament because you stole it from me! But I have already forgiven you since I left with the best ornament ever! (and guess who brought it, you did!) He hung beautifully on my tree in a place of honor this year!