Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Time -Wednesday confession

I got to do the unthinkable today. I went shopping by myself! I don't know when the last time I did that was. I was able to hit 4 stores and buy everything I needed for the Ward Christmas Party on Saturday 6pm (the more the merrier) in an hour and a half. Is that impressive or what? I was very proud! It was fun too! I'm going along my way at Costco and I hear the most beautiful Christmas Music. I look around and I can't see where it is coming from. Finally, when I'm checking out I see the Eagle Point High School Choir singing at the front of the store. It was beautiful! I'm not sure if it was the wonderfulness of being alone or the beautiful music but all of a sudden the Christmas Spirit hit me. It started to feel like Christmas, the cold weather no longer seemed like a hindrance, the crazy traffic was no longer annoying, and I no longer felt overwhelmed with the Christmas Party, Christmas presents, and kids. My mood was lifted and I enjoyed the singing to help me feel like Christmas is coming.

Confession time: Has the Christmas Spirit hit you? What caused it to finally feel like Christmas for you?


Laura said...

It hasn't really hit yet for me. (I'm not sure why.) However, I work Christmas Eve this year, and I'm pretty sure it will hit then. Nothing like being around a bunch of kids on Christmas Eve to get you in the spirit. :)

Tana said...

EPHS Rocks! I have school spirit, does that count?

Jacque said...

How just hit me tonight. I have been so crazy busy with family, kid, work and choral obligations I haven't had time to slow down.
I bought Holiday Inn several weeks ago when it was on sale at Target(greatest store on the planet). I hadn't watched it yet due to said obligations. After dropping my son off at scouts I decided to drive my kids past houses with lights on them and I even oblidged them with "one more street Mom". After which we enjoyed a warm brownie on christmas plates (never been used due to my lameness)I turned on Holiday Inn(never seen...and LOVED). WHAM!! The Christmas spirit hit me and I felt warm all over. So now I am going to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate(in my new unused christmas mugs) in my cold bed and turn on Holiday Inn again. Yep! I am going to bath in the spirit while it is here because tomorrow it will be gone.
Merry Christmas!!

Mrs. B said...

Come to think of it, I get the most excited for Christmas when I'm hearing Christmas music, too.

That must mean I haven't heard nearly enough of it this year. I'm going to play a LOT of it tomorrow.

LCM said...

Jacque- you haven't seen Holiday Inn?! I love that movie. In your Easter Bonnet...anyway, it hasn't really felt like Christmas yet. It might be the stitches in my gut, or the constant not quite fighting of my girls. I did put the cd player in the kitchen and have been playing a lot of music, hopefully that will help. Also, next year, I am getting a really smelly wreath the first week in December. I love the smell of the tree. As of right now, I am really not looking forward to Christmas break. Send some happy Christmas thought my way, huh?

snowwhiteor said...

It's been wonderful the last few weeks to be reminded of the spirit of Christmas from my son on a mission. He reminds me of the Savior's gift each week, how can you not feel the spirit of service, love, and joy.

Also...I can't wait to see my Grandson's face when he sees the enormous Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa. That will truly bring the Christmas spirit for me!'s a wagon!