Thursday, March 5, 2009

Late again!

I always mean to post on Wednesdays but it just doesn't happen sometimes! I've been busy this week. Tickling these cute little feet!

Letting a little toddler play in the water. Which entertained her for 1.5 hours, I finally had to make her stop and take a nap. I'm still cleaning up after it when I found a ton of water in the drawer pullout under the sink.

Watched my son act as a potato for scouts.

Plus I've gotten "the bug" again to have a clean garage. While watching a taped Oprah today about living with less, I decided instead of watching about living with less it was time to start living with less so I tackled my garage again. I'm hopeful I'll be parking in there again by the end of the month!

What have you been doing this week? I know Mrs. B has been baking like crazy!


Bean said...

Today I dyed my hair a darker brown. This week I have been house training my Chihuahua Benji and trying to keep my house clean. I wish my garage was clean but I just don't have the energy to do it.

Mrs. B said...

I've been racking my brains for two days for a decent post. I love this one!

I thought all the baking (last 3 days: cinnamon rolls, banana muffins, wheat bread, pop-up rolls, failed cookies, oatmeal cake, spaghetti pie, french toast casserole) was some sort of motherhood renaissance or renewed nesting (the non-pregnant kind), but it turns out it's just how I'm avoiding tackling the taxes and the clutter in my bedroom.

If this keeps up, when they come arrest me for tax evasion, they'll have to remove a wall to get me out of the house.

snowwhiteor said...

Just got back from taking care of my son's family after a new little one was born! Gosh, it's great to be a grandma!!

adventures in mommyland said...

I'm still getting everyone back into "real-life" mode. Doing all the vaca laundry, stocking up on groceries and trying to reset my internal clock to get back on school schedule time!
I also, like Mrs. B, am baking up a storm! I have 3 birthday cakes this weekend along with another $100 worth of orders... oi! I have an idea Mrs. B... I'll come help with you taxes if you come and help me bake! :)

Laura said...

I have been running and working. However, tomorrow I am headed off to the coast with my book club. Hello hot tub and catered meals!

LCM said...

I've spent the week seriously disciplining my girls. They didn't do anything big, it's just a pile of jerky behavior. So, I've gotten an early start on spring cleaning. Plus, my girls have been doing extra homework. I didn't realize how many fun things I did for them until I had to stop myself repeatedly this week.
Part of me will be happy for it to be over. The cleaning part will miss it. Let's hope it works.

Jerilyn said...


Julie said...

I too have been itching for a clean garage. I've been cleaning out some of the kids clothes so I can get rid of them. I'm helping out a friend (and making a bit of money) with two rehersals and a dance performance this week and also going to see Twilight (again) with friends. Oh and the kids have a dayoff. Not quite sure what we'll be doing yet.