Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Confession Wednesday

Dear Person Who Left This Comment:

"I'm wondering, what about other fears? What about never taking your husband, who LOVES to dance, to a stake dance because you're afraid of people watching you dance and thinking, WOW! she really can't dance. Or what about not standing and doing all of the crazy claps and cheers at pack meetings because you're afraid that you will look stupid, even though EVERYONE around you is doing them. What about not yelling and clapping at the 4th of July parade because you'll feel like an idiot, even though your kids are saying, "clap mommy, it's fun." and everyone around you is clapping. What about not wanting to go to the town where you grew up, where your dad lives, where your husband's family lives, because you don't want to run into anyone from high school because you've had a few babies and put on some, ok a lot, of weight. Do any of you have some of these fears?"

To answer your questions:

I'm with you on the dancing fear. I've NEVER enjoyed (or been remotely good at) fast dancing, although it's one of my life's ambitions to conquer ballroom dance one day. But let's hear from everyone in the comments . . . do you notice how other people dance? Or are you too busy trying not to look stupid yourself?

Here's a Year of No Fear challenge for you, dear anonymous commenter: At the next pack meeting, I challenge you to stand up and clap with everyone else. No cheering if you're not inclined . . . . but make yourself stand up. Nobody else will notice if you're on your feet, but here's your chance to smack a fear down. (They're so much smaller when thusly smacked . . . I'm always surprised!) Let us know how it goes!

And - whew - returning to your hometown? Amen sister! I came back after 9 years with 4 children and so many extra pounds that I can't bear to type the number. Honestly, that was very difficult for me. I cringe at the thought of running into people who I haven't seen since high school or college. What do all of you do about it?

So I think that the fears you listed are bouncing around inside of most of us to one degree or another (can I get a hear hear?), and I love that you posted them. Sometimes I think what I'm most afraid of is that I'm the only nutty one. Reading that you organized your shoes made me a little more inclined to organize mine, but more importantly, reading that you couldn't find two matching shoes made me feel REALLY relieved that I'm not the only person that happens to!


Anonymous said...

I never notice what other people dance like. However, I do notice that I'm SO SURE they look cooler than me. Hence my incredible relief that my husband hates public dancing even more than me.

I have a confession. I hate taking out the trash. There is currently a large black trashbag in my kitchen that I keep adding trash to and then thinking, hmmm, I should probably take that out. But it's not full yet! (Oh, and by adding trash to it, I mean putting the full bags of trash from all of my trashcans in it. Like it's a dumpster).

Also, I haven't mopped my floor since I mopped it when I moved into my apartment. 2 months ago.

And, I have cleaned my bathroom twice.

I think my sheets have been on my bed for a month, and I haven't washed my towels in so long I can't remember. And the rags I used to clean my old apartment are still in a bag, dirty. And said bag was only moved from the trunk of my car this weekend. (It had been sitting in my trunk since we moved. 2 months ago. Also, half of dishes. I've just been washing the half that's in my cupboards more often. . .)

Okay, enough. Just don't tell my mother, okay?

PS - i suppose in the spirit of this blog, I should do something about all of this. However, I'm going to have no fear, and embrace the true me. Who honestly just doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

I do notice a bit how others are dancing, but I'm not judging them I'm just trying to pick up some moves. Honestly I haven't been to a dance in years, not counting a wedding here and there, and I really have no desire to go to one anytime soon. I've had children that break into dance when we're in stores and the music is on and they're saying, "Come on, dance!" and I quiver between being embarressed and yet wanting to join them. I usually do a quick glance around, a little move, and a big laugh!
I do have that fear everytime I go back to my hometown, not so much that I'll run into old aquaintances, but that they'll bring up something stupid I did or a mistake I made. Kind of stupid, I know. When I had a reunion, I was motivated to get into shape and I did it!

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting what others find fearful, that doesn't bother me one bit.

I did finally start making my bed everyday about four years ago, maybe I should move on to another challenge. ;)

Anonymous said...

ok confession. once, when my child said "I hate you!" I said it back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the highlight of my comment. Seeing that I am not the only one with these fears actually made my day! I will try and stand up and do the clap at the next pack meeting. I probably draw more attention to myself by not standing, who knows.

kathlene said...

I know that sometimes it's scary to cheer and clap, but doing it will make you feel good and better yet it will make your child happy!
Go crazy! who knows other people might want to join in.

Anonymous said...
I was reading this newspaper article and couldn't believe it! They talked about the actual term of the fear of being laughed at!!
Can I just say that I don't stand up and clap because I don't feel like much of a 'joiner'? I think that's a good way to put it. I am not afraid of standing up and clapping, I just don't do it. Ah well....

Anonymous said...

I used to be really self-conscious, too, but once I hit my mid 30s, I sort of got over it. I think it has something to do with having teenagers and taking great delight in embarrassing them at least as much as they did me when they were toddlers and pooping their pants in public.

Also, I want my kids to have memories of me doing silly things instead of the other things I do, which is yell and make promises I can't keep and not clean house.

I live in the town I grew up in, and I hate running into people I knew in high school because of my baby ton.

Anonymous said...

An old high school friend moved in down the street a few months back. I never really said hi, that's part of my fears. A few weeks back my husband and I went for a walk and ran into him. He was so friendly and nice! The same old Jason! I thought why didn't I say hi earlier? I updated him on my life, kids, pregnant all that and he said "oh so you aren't just fat you are pregnant!" Nice! That's what I get for living in the town I grew up in.

Anonymous said...

My fears are linked to my intelligence level. Yes I can do the "round of applause" in cub scouts. In fact I did it at some random function and someone recognized it. I can dance like a goofball at stake dances because I laugh at myself. But put me in gospel doctrine and I am the one nodding when I really have no clue. I think I need to go back to seminary but I doubt Bro. Hassell could handle me twice. I was the kid in school who would be clueless in Geometry studying the pathagorean theory but never raised my hand to give away my cluelessness. I am afraid of my own ignorance.

Bean said...

I am terrible at nodding my head like I know what's going on. Then when somebody else asks the same question I have, I wonder why I didn't have the guts to speak up in the first place. The person who asks ends up looking a lot smarter than clueless old me.

Also, methinks you underestimate Bro. Hassell! :)